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Paolo Bocci and Katharine Dow

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador) to examine the competing criteria and rationales justifying the inscription of a new site. The final chapter offers an overall view of the relevance of this treaty at the turn of the century. While many of the discussions

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Dan Brockington

dissent, and liberating alternatives, than the critique has thus far allowed. Fiske examines the case of the Yasuní Ishpingo-Tambococha-Tiputini (Yasuní-ITT) oil concession in Ecuador as a means of understanding how subterranean resources are governed. In

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Optics of regulation and control

Ieva Jusionyte and Daniel M. Goldstein

invisible to citizen oversight. Chris Garces (2014: 462) has shown how in Ecuador, prisoners are held indefinitely in detention without sentencing and argues that this practice of “warehousing” transforms suspected criminals into “antisocial” noncitizens

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En las márgenes de los Estados

Participación política y formaciones ciudadanas en América Latina

Catherine Alès and Claudia Puerta Silva

diferentes procesos de participación y formación ciudadana y políticas de reconocimiento e identidad en Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia y Argentina. Primero se aborda el tema de las “ciudadanías más allá de las fronteras”, es decir, la influencia del orden

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Shobita Parthasarathy

complete monopolies over important technologies like medicines. In the case of COVID-19, Canada, Germany, Chile, and Ecuador have also already amended their patent laws to ensure rapid compulsory licensing of any tests, treatments, or vaccines if necessary

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Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Mette Louise Berg, and Johanna Waters

as Ecuador (Soledad Álvarez Velasco), Mexico (Wendy Vogt), Malaysia and Indonesia (Antje Missbach and Gerhard Hoffstaedter), and diverse local actors in Libya (Melissa Phillips) and Niger (Sébastien Moretti). Through three research articles and two

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Brexit, Sustainability, Economics, Companies’ Responsibilities, and Current Representations

in line with the policy of the government of Ecuador that stresses the inevitability of looking at the intergenerational relationships between humans and nature, in order to achieve sustainability in a holistic sense that understands human development

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Steven J. Hoffman, Fanny Wonu Veys, Joseph P Feldman, Natasha Barrett, Elsa Lenz Kothe, Antonino Crisà, Sayantan Mukhopadhyay, Masaaki Morishita, and Ewa Klekot

Chicago Press . Espiritualidades en Quito: Diálogos en la Diversidad Museo de la Ciudad, Quito, Ecuador The historic center of Quito in Ecuador, dotted with colonial churches and convents that have drawn the interest of UNESCO officials and international

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Reconceptualizing Transit States in an Era of Outsourcing, Offshoring, and Obfuscation

Antje Missbach and Melissa Phillips

between transit countries and other states. Among the transit states chosen as case studies—Ecuador, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, and Niger—only Libya “borders” the European Union (EU). These case studies have been chosen to develop a comparative

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Latin America and COVID-19

Political Rights and Presidential Leadership to the Test

Brigitte Weiffen

restricted worldwide in the name of fighting the pandemic. Reasonable precaution allowed leaders to institute extraordinary measures that disable basic democratic mechanisms. Latin America is no exception. The imposition of curfews (such as in Chile, Ecuador