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‘… But Is It Literature?’

Graphic Adaptation in Germany in the Context of High and Popular Culture

Juliane Blank

In Germany, the development of graphic adaptation – the ‘extended, deliberate, announced revisitation’ of a literary text into the comics medium 1 – cannot be separated from questions of cultural status. In particular, both the production and the

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Enacting Citizenship

A Case Study of a Syrian Refugee Protest in Germany

Lucia Volk

? Difference and Diversity in a Changing Germany , co-editors Jan-Jonathan Bock and Sharon Macdonald (2019) recall two arresting images that captured the news cycle at the height of the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ in 2015: a white refrigerated truck containing

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Memories of Migration

Commemoration, Contestation, and Migrant Integration in the United Kingdom and Germany

Barbara Laubenthal and Kevin Myers

Islamophobia across Europe are indicators of a growing perception of immigration as a threat. In 2017, a far-right party entered the national parliament in Germany for the first time since World War II. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) received 12.6 percent

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Learning the Elsewhere of ‘Inner Space’

The Affective Pedagogy of Post-Secular Sufi Healing in Germany

Nasima Selim

to bloom That which destroys us This torn apart Undivided earth On which We travel together.   — Rose Ausländer, “ Gemeinsam /Together” Each year, many Inayati Sufis gather for a summer school in a village in northern Germany that

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Translating the Bottom-Up Frame

Everyday Negotiations of the European Union's Rural Development Programme LEADER in Germany

Oliver Müller, Ove Sutter, and Sina Wohlgemuth

sixteen semistructured interviews, ranging between one and two hours. The interviews were conducted in German with representatives from municipal, county, district and regional governments and administrations, members of LAGs, project promoters and local

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Starting Anew

German Rabbis and Their Experiences in Britain 1939–1956

Astrid Zajdband

During the Nazi era, the rabbinate emerged as a central pillar of German Jewish society and with it the role of the rabbis themselves changed. When congregations were being dismantled as emigration accelerated and deportation set in, rabbis were

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From behind stall doors

Farming the Eastern German countryside in the animal welfare era

Amy Leigh Field

TTIP proponents, the agreement promised to generate economic growth and maintain Europe's global influence. Many protesters at Potsdamer Platz were skeptical of the agreement and identified themselves as part of the German anti

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Ernst Leitz of Wetzlar and Helping the Persecuted

Scope of the Research and Some Reflections

Frank Dabba Smith

traditions of annual recreational trips to the Rhine for the entire workforce and cultural activities popular in German firms such as choral singing. 4 Unmentioned in Erb's account is that, as social personalities, both Ernst Leitz I and II preferred the

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COVID and the Era of Emergencies

What Type of Freedom is at Stake?

Danielle Celermajer and Dalia Nassar

’ principal value lies in their enabling the relations that form the foundation for robust political participation. To explicate our case, we offer a concrete example of acting in concert in the political context of contemporary Germany. By focusing on

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Johanna Schuster-Craig

In Germany, where immigration is both an economic necessity and—for the far right—a cultural frustration, integration politics has shaped how immigrants and their descendants find a place in national spaces. Insisting that immigrants “integrate