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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Central and Eastern Europe

The Rise of Autocracy and Democratic Resilience

Petra Guasti

provides an overview using the neighboring Austria and Germany as a baseline). The exception is Slovakia—the first measures were introduced before the first case—on the eve of parliamentary elections (February 28, 2020). All four countries introduced a

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Barbara Prainsack

-Winkler , 11 – 64 . Frankfurt a. M. , Suhrkamp (in German). Haindorfer , R. 2020 . “ Corona macht unzufrieden! Frauen aktuell mit ihrem Leben unzufriedener als Männer .” CoronaBlog . https

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American Extraterritorial Legislation

The Data Gathering behind the Sanctions

Ali Laïdi

US or UK firms with a strong presence in the United States, which are advising European firms. Furthermore, US authorities only want to deal with Anglo-American lawyers, even if French, German or Italian lawyers are working in US or UK firms. It is a

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Communication, Context, and Narrative

Habermas and Contemporary Realist Thought

Navid Hassanzadeh

specific terms, they highlight the interventions that he has made regarding salient political issues in Germany, Europe, and the West more broadly throughout his career as evidence of the fact that he does not fit the guise of an out-of-touch, arm

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Ulrike Guérot and Michael Hunklinger

spring 2020, solidarity in Europe meant once again only solidarity within the nation-state. European solidarity was nowhere in sight. France and Germany proposed a plan including rescue pacts and direct aid to help those countries especially affected by

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Something Gleaming

Exemplary Resistance and the Shadows of Complicity

Bronwyn Leebaw

of the diaspora’, and controversy was brewing in response to David Ben-Gurion's decision to enter into negotiations for reparations from Germany (2004). Arendt does not express much interest in the role of the trial as a response to such painful

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Centralized or Decentralized

Which Governance Systems are Having a “Good” Pandemic?

Jennifer Gaskell and Gerry Stoker

best from the tragedy of the coronavirus pandemic have delivered across multiple qualities necessary for effective governance. Decentralized capacity is important and illustrated in other examples, such as Germany's demonstrated success in case testing

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Louise Haagh

, played at least a part in Anglo-liberal economies’ late health response compared with more plan-rational countries like Germany, South Korea, or Denmark ( Dickens 2020 ). Lock-down implemented in Nordic states with low death tolls (on May 14, 551, 233

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Professor Anna Stilz and Interviewed by Dr Christine Hobden

, Locke. But then there is an alternative, especially in the German tradition, because Germany at this time was not a colonial power. A lot of the German theorists were highly critical of colonial practices of the other countries; Kant and Fichte both fall

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Book Reviews

Hegelianisms without Metaphysics?

David James, Bahareh Ebne Alian, and Jean Terrier

Right by keeping in view and explaining the relation between the moments of law and morality, which form the first two parts of this philosophy of right, and that which Kervégan calls ‘ethicality’ ( Sittlichkeit in the original German), which forms its