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The Hyphen Cannot Hold

Contemporary Trends in Religious-Zionism

Hayim Katsman

Bennett and Feiglin ran in independent lists and failed to pass the election threshold (although Bennett switched parties and made it into the next two Knessets). This indicates that while these ideas are gaining support within the community, they are

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Shifra Mescheloff

Mount. When the chairman of the Knesset Committee for Internal Affairs, Dov Shilansky, asked Goren’s halachic opinion regarding members of the Knesset ascending the Mount, Goren replied that due to the danger that the Supreme Islamic Council and the

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A Woman of Valor Goes to Court

Tort Law as an Instrument of Social Change under Multiculturalism

Ella Glass and Yifat Bitton

Daniel A. Bell . Cambridge : Cambridge University Press . Vorgan , Yuval . 2010 . “ Complaints about Ethnic Discrimination in Admission to the Recognized Unofficial Educational Institutions .” [In Hebrew.] Jerusalem : Knesset Research and

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Israel Goes to the Polls

The Road to Elections for the Constituent Assembly, 1948–1949

Meir Chazan

historical record and secondary sources regarding the election campaigns to the various institutions that had a parliamentary nature—the Zionist Congress, the Assembly of Representatives, the Constituent Assembly, and the Knesset—and that operated in the

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From Yehuda Etzion to Yehuda Glick

From Redemptive Revolution to Human Rights on the Temple Mount

Shlomo Fischer

, who was recently elected a Likud member of Knesset, is a Jewish Temple Mount activist who justifies his demand that Jews be allowed to worship on Temple Mount on the basis of the general principles of freedom of worship and human rights ( HaLiBah 2016

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The New Economic Policy of 1962

How Israeli Economists Almost Changed the Israeli Economy

Ronen Mandelkern

quit office were it to be adopted), he contributed nothing to its implementation. 29 The following statement by Sapir in the Knesset in March 1963 (after the program’s enactment) is illustrative: “[O]pening all products to a uniform tariff is totally

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Ian S. Lustick

Sprinzak wrote of the culture of ‘illegalism’ in Israel, focusing his attention particularly on West Bank settlers, but it was in 1953 that the Land Acquisition Law was passed by the Knesset, retroactively legalizing massive transfers of Arab land

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The Return to the Monument

The Looming Absence of the Temple

Hava Schwartz

conservation plan for the valley. See Protocol no. 127 of the State Comptroller Committee of the Knesset, 16 November 2010. 8 Excerpt from the protocol of Meeting No. 107 of the National Parks and Nature Reserve Council, 2 January 2003. 9 From the minutes of

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Brian Yothers, Gillian Dooley, Guy Galazka, Peter Weisensel, Jackie Coon, Magdalena Banaszkiewicz, and David Cashman

institutions, such as the Knesset (Israel’s House of Representatives), appropriate to a true capital city, along with concert halls, libraries, and museums (chief among them the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial). Thus, West Jerusalem was able to draw a steady and

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Ken Stein, Yael Berda, Galia Golan, Pnina Peri, Yuval Benziman, Dalia Gavriely-Nuri, Muzna Awayed-Bishara, and Aziza Khazzoom

roles to play. Standing up to Carter was good for Israel, but perhaps not so good for the Labor Party, which lost in the May 1977 Knesset elections. After becoming prime minister again in 1992, Rabin believed, according to Rabinovich, that “making peace