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Catherine Plum, Klaus Berghahn, Gregory Smulewicz-Zucker, David Freis, and Matthew Eckel

by Matthew Eckel, Government, Georgetown University In the midst of a migration crisis, the surging popularity of France’s National Front, the size and visibility of the recent pegida marches in Germany, or the strong polling of Geert Wilder

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Ferenc Bódi, Jenő Zsolt Farkas, and Péter Róbert

. The analysis was conducted utilizing both micro and macro approaches. The empirical measurements were macro-level indicators on the one hand, and our own indicators developed from micro-level polling questions related to the assessment of people

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Pascal Wallisch and Jake Alden Whritner

outperforms the predictions by experts in a diverse range of fields, including searching for submarines but also political judgment. In the arena of political judgment, aggregating polling data with smart algorithms seems to far outperform the judgment of

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Pointing Fingers at the Media?

Coverage of the 2017 Bundestag Election

Alexander Beyer and Steven Weldon

unemployment, wages, and the general state Figure 4 Most Important Problem during Campaign Source : Infratest-dimap polling firm. of the economy did not make it into the top four of the list. Instead, voters voiced a high amount of concern about immigration

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After the Party

Trump, Le Pen, and the New Normal

Anne Sa’adah

-front-national-cherche-a-se-donner-une-image-legaliste_3764321_1819218.html?xtmc=bruno_megret_discours_strasbourg&xtcr=36">1819218.html?xtmc=bruno_megret_discours_strasbourg&xtcr=36 . 24 Marine Le Pen, “144 Engagements présidentiels,” #95. 25 Polling data suggests that support for Le Pen peaked prior to the 23

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Vittorio Bufacchi

's deliberative polling, which builds on the long tradition of participatory democracy. See Fishkin (2011) . 15 For a detailed explanation of how the Irish Citizens’ Assembly works, see . See also Farrell et al. (2018

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Unpacking Gender Images across Angela Merkel’s Four Campaigns for the Chancellorship, 2005–2017

Joyce Marie Mushaben

. Polling experts hold that Internet sources and social media continue to play a limited role. 12 The primary function of the Spitzenkandidat (top candidate) is to serve as the party’s standard-bearer-in-chief. Clearly defined party programs traditionally

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Pulling up the Drawbridge

Anti-Immigrant Attitudes and Support for the Alternative for Germany among Russian-Germans

Michael A. Hansen and Jonathan Olsen

Kohl and cdu policy towards Soviet migrants in the late 1980s and early 1990s. 2 There is also some evidence from polling data that ethnic German migrants from the former Soviet Union have voted disproportionately for the Party of Democratic

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The Alternative for Germany from Breakthrough toward Consolidation?

A Comparative Perspective on Its Organizational Development

E. Gene Frankland

and the Political Order, ed., Angus Campbell et al. (New York, 1967), 269–270. 6 M. Donald Hancock, “Sweden” in Politics in Europe, ed., M. Donald Hancock et al. (Thousand Oaks, 2019), 477, 483, 489. 7 However, none of the other major polling

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Tricking Time, Overthrowing a Regime

Reining in the Future in the Yemeni Youth Revolution

Ross Porter

proceeded to get to work with the newly appointed minister of defence, General Mohammad Nasser Ahmad, in rearranging the leadership of the various wings of the armed forces. For Ahmad and his men who, only days before, had marched up to the polling station