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Gijs Mom and Georgine Clarsen

they reached their destination, affluent northern Europe, newspapers greeted them with a curious mix of philanthropy and racism, humanitarianism and xenophobia. They were placed in emergency housing, often far away from the big cities. Though some of

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The Nemesis of the Suburbs

Richard Turner and South African Liberalism

Steven Friedman

years of the 1960s and the early 1970s, when Turner was most influential, young whites who rejected the racism of the society in which they were reared operated in a political and intellectual vacuum. A previous generation of whites who opposed apartheid

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Somy Kim

. The only black character not living in the Armstrong-Parker house, Lionel (Tyler James Williams) is the film’s outcast, and observer. Taking cues from Spike Lee, the writer-director critiques the structural racism that exists in the American university

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Colonial Reform and Racism after World War II and the Making of Colorblind France, 1945–1950 (Vol. 33, No. 3, 1) THOMPSON, Christopher S . From Black-Blanc-Beur to Black-Black-Black ? “ L’Affaire des Quotas ” and the Shattered “Image of 1998” in Twenty

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Art of Solidarity

Cuban Posters for African Liberation 1967–1989

David Fleming

campaigning against racism and other forms of human rights abuses. Since its foundation in 2007, the ISM—home of the Federation of International Human Rights Museums (FIHRM) 2 —has featured exhibitions on imperialism; prostitution; domestic servitude; life in

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A Hybrid Form of a Populist Right Movement

Ina Schmidt

radical-right populist parties can be seen as a series of independent events, including the innovation of a new, potent master frame that combines ethnopluralism—based on cultural racism—as well as a populist, antipolitical-establishment rhetoric, which is

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Eulalia Guzmán and Walt Disney’s Educational Films

A Pedagogical Proposal for “Literacy for the Americas” in Mexico (1942–1944)

María Rosa Gudiño Cejudo

Translator : Stephen Torgoff

first is the Rockefeller Archive Center (RAC), which holds the OIAA’s detailed reports on the different stages (preparation, testing, and conclusions) of its two cultural programs in Latin America, as well as DVD copies of the four films. The second is

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Thomas Klikauer

that means Germany for the Germans with all others to live within their culture somewhere else, as well as anti-multiculturalism mixed with racism. Not surprisingly, high up in the AfD’s völkisch racism is Gedeon’s antisemitism, which takes “the

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Wiping away the Tears of the Ocean


Mogobe Ramose

and psychological force in pursuit of: (i) political injustice in the form of loss of sovereign title to territory and disenfranchisement in foreign countries; (ii) economic injustice based on racism justifying the slave trade and enslavement, a

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Lauren Marx

alone. Lastly, the race question remains a burning issue in the South African discourse. Racial tensions and archaic mindsets still exist despite great strides being made my government for a non-racial, inclusive society. This racism is not simply in the