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The Work of Culture, Heritage, and Musealized Spaces in “Unprecedented Times”

Christina Kreps

” ( Breidenbach and Nyiri 2009: 9 ) and the importance placed on “having a culture” ( Handler 1985:192 ). The anthropologist Marshall Sahlins asserted, in the early 1990s, that “cultural self-consciousness,” especially among “imperialism's erstwhile victims,” was

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Being-for-itself and the Ontological Structure

Can Being-for-itself Avoid Bad Faith?

Ronald E. Santoni

desire to be such is a bad faith way of seeing ourselves or the world. But if at the birth of our self-consciousness we are “congenitally oriented” 25 to doing so, may we justifiably apply the ethical judgment “immoral” to bad faith? Don't the terms

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Green Fields and Blue Roads

The Melancholy of the Girl Walker in Irish Women’s Fiction

Maureen O’Connor

high green dome over her head. … it is like being in a hidden green cathedral, deeply centred in a vast forest of shrub and bramble. (84) Orla experiences a profound sense of freedom walking along the burn, released from her agonising self-consciousness

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David Bordwell

rather than causal cascades) but a different approach to narration (favoring unresolved situations, using style to maximize psychological or thematic ambiguity, presenting a high degree of self-consciousness). Just as we could distinguish various

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Who (the) Girls and Boys Are

Gender Nonconformity in Middle-Grade Fiction

Michele Byers

between transgendered self-consciousness and externally imposed constructions of gender” (2015: 419), and, I would argue, the congruence of the character’s sense of her gender identity. Since George is told from George’s point of view, the consistency of

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Coulthard, Glen Sean. Red Skin, White Masks

Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition

Elaine Coburn

essential, self-determining agent recognizes that one not only be recognized as self-determining but that one be recognized by another self-consciousness that is also recognized as self-determining (28). Against the autonomous liberal subject, Hegel

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Andrew Dawson and Simone Dennis

way to something else, a ‘habitus of infection’ as she describes it. This consists of new embodied dispositions and forms of self-consciousness affording doctors protection from infected patients. It manifests itself in multiple new mundane practices

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Grey Gardens and the Problem of Objectivity

Notes on the Ethics of Observational Documentary

Mathew Abbott

used as raw material, as in Truffaut's 400 Blows ) and “self-consciousness” (a trait Ruby associates with the upper middle class and Fellini's “turgid pseudo-Freudian” (2005, 36) self-reflections). He argues that reflexivity can be deployed in a range

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Esther Demoulin

. Influenced by Dostoyevsky, he also seeks to resort to the hesitation and superfluousness of speech’s trials and errors, rather than to the speed and clarity of dramatic language which would entail the characters’ unrealistic self-consciousness. Finally

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Gary Bettinson

's professional pride. Here again Lumet's staging avoids overtness. The triangular formation does not linger sufficiently to achieve self-consciousness—it will soon be dissolved by the movement of all three characters. But it has performed a vivid function