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City Sterilization and Poverty Management

Examining a Mobility Hub in the “Redevelopment and Enhancement” of Downtown Tallahassee

Christopher M. McLeod, Matthew I. Horner, Matthew G. Hawzen, and Mark DiDonato

and sociable. Figure 1 Map depicting RCC, shelter, and various resources in the local area (Tallahassee, Florida, 2016) (generated by Christopher McLeod using Google Maps). To show these connections, Figure 2 and Figure 3 represent the clients

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Donatella della Porta

Argentina not only bridged calls for transformation of the educational system with a quest for democracy but also situated calls for the transformation of sociability and everyday practices within a revolutionary movement against colonialism and imperialism

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Beyond citizenship

Adivasi and Dalit political pathways in India

Nicolas Jaoul and Alpa Shah

of the Indian state. This political culture is shaped by popular praxis and ideology, involving devotional practices, caste networks, and popular forms of sociability that bridge the idea of citizenship to the life world of the subaltern. Their

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Sarah Amsler

the formation of counter-publics in civil society and for diverse forms of ‘sociability, solidarity, political organization and critical understanding’ in conditions of epistemic and political closure ( Steele 2010 ). In this way, they constituted

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The Girl in the GIF

Reading the Self into Girlfriendship

Akane Kanai

the caption, constitutes the aesthetic poem, the momentary puzzle that the reader must interpret, experience, and (re)make. In the public I discuss here, the reader, in transacting with the GIF and caption, engages in an act of stranger sociability

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Ghost Mothers

Kinship Relationships in Thai Spirit Cults

Andrew Alan Johnson

sorcerer. As the demon tormenting the victim receives a gift, a channel of sociability opens, which at the same time opens the potential for such links to be severed or reversed. The victim-as-giver is able to renegotiate the terms of the ‘gift’ and in the

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Emergent Police States

Racialized Pacification and Police Moralism from Rio's Favelas to Bolsonaro

Tomas Salem and Bjørn Enge Bertelsen

new moral state order, organizing and directing authorized forms of sociability in the favelas (see Gilsing, this issue). These were largely directed toward young children and centered on attempting to replace the “negative” role model of the

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Corinna Mullin and Ian Patel

formal institutions of the state. Insofar as these individuals and movements are nested within communities formerly subjected to the alienation of dictatorship, they also serve important sociability functions, fostering collective healing, community

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Eluding the Esculacho

A Masculinities Perspective on the Enduring Warrior Ethos of Rio de Janeiro's Police

Celina Myrann Sørbøe

examined the relationship between urban poverty, violence, and male identity in Rio de Janeiro by highlighting how a “violent sociability” ( Machado da Silva 2004 ) shapes the identity formation of men in favelas. Favela boys are exposed to multiple forms

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The Colonial State and Carnival

The Complexity and Ambiguity of Carnival in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa

Christoph Kohl

because of the possibilities that participation creates for sociability and conviviality, that is, for communitas ( Turner 1969 ). Other individuals, especially children and youth, may participate simply for amusement and fun. On the grounds of these