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International learning experiences at home in Japan

The challenges and benefits of taking English-medium courses for Japanese students

Yukiko Ishikura

Globalisation has made the world gradually smaller because of the ‘flow of technology, knowledge, people, values, ideas, capital, goods and services across borders, resulting in a more interconnected and interdependent world’ ( Knight 2008: 4

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Shih-Hsiung Liu

. and P. Lin ( 2015 ), ‘ Promoting discussion in peer instruction: Discussion partner assignment and accountability scoring mechanisms ’, British Journal of Educational Technology 46 , no. 4 : 839 – 847 . . 10

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From steward to leader

A decade of shifting roles for the PhD student

Corina Balaban

, money, technology, information, people, ideas and cultural practice across political and cultural boundaries’ ( Holton 2005: 14 ) is also reflected in the ways in which doctoral education is practiced. The PhD is now the focus of attention of governments

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Jennifer Dodge, Richard Holtzman, Merlijn van Hulst, and Dvora Yanow

wide range of disciplines, drawing largely from public policy studies, but also from public administration, organisational studies, political science, anthropology, environmental studies, food and health policy and science and technology studies

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Beth Pickard

of disabled bodies in order to acknowledge or celebrate disabled students’ success in higher education. However, the lack of incidental references to available provision, including note-takers, interpreters, assistive technology and accessible spaces

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Naïve scientists and conflict analysis

Learning through case studies

R. William Ayres

, primarily from openly available Internet sources. One of the wonders of modern Internet technology is that there is a tremendous trove of information available. Yes, much of it is mush, suspect or even biased for hostile purposes. But much of it is good

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Neriko Musha Doerr

of the nation state that connects a single territory, nation, people and culture. Researchers have examined disjunctive flows of people, media images, technology, finances and ideologies ( Appadurai 1990 ); the global connectivity that allows

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Assessment rubrics

Thinking inside the boxes

Cary Bennett

efficiency of assessment rubrics – especially the supposition that they save assessors’ time – is used to promote this technology to teachers and assessors, and is believed to be one of the main reasons why some assessors have embraced rubrics. However, the

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Minestrone Stories

Teaching anthropology through serendipitous cultural exchanges

Regnar Kristensen

based on the traditional values of story, acting and theme, and excluding the use of elaborate special effects or technology’. (‘Dogme 95’, ). 7 See ‘Minestronefortællinger fra Nørrebro: VerdensKulturCentret den

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Stephanie A. Limoncelli

and comparative purposes. Others are making use of new Internet technologies to foster distance learning ‘at home’ by linking classes and students in different parts of the world. For example, a course about social control connecting students from