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“Litigation Is Our Last Resort”

Addressing Uncertainty, Undone Science, and Bias in Court to Assert Indigenous Rights

Bindu Panikkar

scholarship of science and technology studies (STS) and law and contemplates how contested knowledge claims are mediated within legal spaces. The state-sponsored orderings of land use designations and permitting are not neutral. A long line of STS scholarship

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Christian Hunold

section also describes the various technologies that enable field birding and that figure prominently in urban hawk watching. The next section describes the multispecies framework and the methods of data collection and analysis that have informed my study

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Franco Ruzzenenti and Aleksandra Wagner

field of energy studies is the “rebound effect,” or the “Jevons paradox.” The rebound effect is “an increase in consumption which may occur as an unintended side-effect of the introduction of policy, market and/or technology interventions aimed at

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Artificial Intelligence

Faith in Machine or Man?

Jan Martijn Meij

, this age is entered once technology moves beyond our control. The book relies heavily on his own words as there are not many citations and references to other scientists. This does make it more accessible for non-academic readers. The book is divided

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Jeff Kirby

fields toward reformist environmentalism , producing an ecological habitus that is far more accepting of science, sustainable forms of technology, economic development, and industrial development. Consequently, I will now comment upon the cultural

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Narratives of Socioecological Transition

The Case of the Transition Network in Portugal

Vera Ferreira and António Carvalho

into existence, expressing their views on the economy, technologies, interpersonal relationships, and the good life. We also delve into the distinctive sociopolitical appeal of the TN proposal compared to the predominant trends of environmental

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More than Darkness Preservation

The Importance of the Dark, Star-Filled Skies in Urban Areas

Yee-Man Lam

). Historically, light (and fire) help to protect humans from nighttime predators. It helps to create and maintain the boundaries of human habitats. The advancements in lighting technology enable human beings to work against the natural rhythm of day and night

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Donna Houston, Diana McCallum, Wendy Steele, and Jason Byrne

“ontological pluralism”—that the world is understood and experienced differently by different social actors ( Howitt and Suchet-Pearson 2003 )—and we understand that technology and knowledge are constructed in and mediated by practices that are themselves

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Sanne van der Hout and Martin Drenthen

of different narrative structures, metaphors, and images. With these narrative self-presentations, they seek to express in what ways the new approach to technology can be distinguished from the old, as well as to legitimize their research activities

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Franziska von Verschuer

approach to agrobiodiversity conservation, which finds its point of culmination in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, as a technology of governing nature. The aim of this analysis is, first, to develop an understanding of the rationality of conservation