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Unbuilt and Unfinished

The Temporalities of Infrastructure

Ashley Carse and David Kneas

mining in Ecuador (David Kneas) and environmental management in Panama (Ashley Carse). For Ecuadorians living in the liminal space between the departure of one mining company and arrival of another, the prominent temporal orientation was not anticipation

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“Eyes Shut, Muted Voices”

Narrating and Temporalizing the Post–Civil War Era through a Monument

Dimitra Gefou-Madianou

sentiments, and secret meanings where opaque and faded pictures of the past mix and blur with present and future dreams and anticipations. The First Story: “Eyes Shut, Muted Voices” Thanasis Kiousis is a retired Army general living in the community with his

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Daniel M. Knight

imaginations of the future. 11 The intimacy felt with the crisis situation and the incessant anticipation of emergence has fed into the idea of being stuck in a never-ending cycle. Anticipation, Sami Hermez suggests, is a ‘means to predetermine, or reveal, the

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Taras Fedirko and Marlene Schäfers

it conducive to understanding what is empirically particular about hope as opposed to, say, anticipation. This ambivalence of the volume’s eponymous notion nevertheless allows the editors skilfully to bring together the essays, otherwise divergent

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In Memoriam

John Urry, 1946–2016

Bob Jessop

as the gaze, performativity, difference, risk, and complexity; anticipations of concepts like the dispositif, embodiment, or haptics; concerns with actor-networks, automobilities, and peak oil; interests in digital photography; or the (dis

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Revisiting Existential Marxism

A Reply to Alfred Betschart

Ronald Aronson

policy in Hungary and Czechoslovakia. By 1968, Sartre had lost hope in the Communist world, in Marxism's grand anticipation of socialism's coming-into-existence. As he was entering into his own decline, certainly by 1975, the Marxism which he had sought

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Natures of Naturalism

Reaching Bedrock in Climate Science

Martin Skrydstrup

July, we raced toward bedrock, with up to 25 meters of ice core being produced in a day. Bedrock seemed within reach during the 2010 field season, and excitement and anticipation ran high. Then the weather changed, and a storm hit the camp so badly that

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Toward a Naturalized Aesthetics of Film Music

An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Intramusical and Extramusical Meaning

Timothy Justus

's (2006) Sweet Anticipation , for example, was heavily influenced by schema theory. The lasting appeal of schemata to the psychology of art is this: across a variety of art forms, especially art that unfolds over time, the activation of schematic

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At the Threshold to the New World

Equator Crossings, Sunsets, and Claude Lévi-Strauss’s Tristes Tropiques

Michael Bies

articulating expectations, anticipations, and hopes, which in turn betray their own individual knowledge or ignorance. Moreover, it is striking how writers attempt to gain a historical perspective on crossing the equator and to render the experience palpable by

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Theorizing “The Plunge”

(Queer) Girls’ Adolescence, Risk, and Subjectivity in Blue is the Warmest Color

Michelle Miller

many of the orientations of girlhood, simultaneously reflecting both worry and anticipation. In the original French, the anxiety to meet people and experience things is expressed thus: “ j’ai soif ,” which may be more directly translated as being