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Art Gallery Education in New Zealand during COVID-19

The Emergence of a Community of Practice

Esther Helen McNaughton

trace contacts. For this reason, although museums and galleries were able to reopen at the commencement of Level Two, regular visits by school classes did not necessarily start up immediately. Level One commenced on 8 June with all remaining limitations

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Jennifer A. Thompson, Sarah L. Fraser, Rocio Macabena Perez, Charlotte Paquette, and Katherine L. Frohlich

13, private secondary schools and CEGEPs 3 introduced online classes within a few weeks, while public secondary schools took almost two months to provide formal instruction. Reaching young people virtually in the context and urgency of the crisis

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Ten Years of Transfers

Mobility Studies and Social Change during a Pandemic

Mimi Sheller

(and associated immobilities) in relation to race, class, ethnicity, gender, disability, and other social and political determinants of health, safety, and vulnerability. The drastic adjustments to mobility necessary to control the pandemic and its

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Transfers at a Crossroads

An Anthropological Perspective

Noel B. Salazar

groups that constitute societies around the world. Academia in general is biased because of the middle-class positionality of its researchers. Consequently, marginalized communities as well as elites are often underrepresented as subjects of research

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Gender, Leadership and Representative Democracy

The Differential Impacts of the Global Pandemic

Kim Rubenstein, Trish Bergin, and Pia Rowe

different groups within the community. As such, when parliament comes to legislate around these very issues, the differential impact on people by gender and other categories such as age, ethnicity, class, and sexuality are all considerations that must be

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Asma Abbas

, of the rejected register of complaints never heard. When they saw Trump as an exception. When speaking about class meant speaking about economics alone. When disposable populations chose to trust private donors and the police, and our sovereign

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Trending Transfers

A Decade of New Mobility Studies through the Lens of Transmodality, Transnationalism, and Transdisciplinarity

Gijs Mom

; and the “middle class of small business and freelance ‘entrepreneurs’” who were to be “economic losers” together with “the Southern informal workers on $2–$6 dollars a day.” 3 And then there were the children and grandchildren of the 1970s hippies

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Girls, Homelessness, and COVID-19

The Urgent Need for Research and Action

Kaitlin Schwan, Erin Dej, and Alicia Versteegh

homelessness among girls, positioning patriarchy as one of the key “social structures that create a ‘tendency’ to cause homelessness” (Bapatista 2010: 170) among girls. We seek to illuminate how intersecting social locations (race, (dis)ability, class, sexual

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“Some Things Just Won't Go Back”

Teen Girls’ Online Dating Relationships during COVID-19

Alanna Goldstein and Sarah Flicker

partners in any number of ways. According to Joy's experience, “most people in our age group would meet people at school, so the people you hang out with in class, the people you sit next to, the people you meet in clubs.” Maggie said, “In my friend group

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Weiqiang Lin

countries) back to the air. It would seem that some classes of travelers, and some bodies, are deemed less dispensable than others, and therefore liable to exemptions from the strictest rules. Arguably, preferential travel policies like these hint of a