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Malcolm Turvey

intention to perpetuate Wakanda's isolationism and deception. However, he is challenged by his cousin, a powerful and ruthless warrior named Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), who believes vibranium should be sent all over the world to arm Black people to fight

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Ana Miškovska Kajevska

antinationalist.” 23 It was not due to my intentional strategy of deception that I did not pose this question to the other three Belgrade ‘nationalist’ feminists. The laden character of the term “nationalist” and the, compared to Zagreb, much more covert war

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Elias L. Khalil

, welfare consists of the aggregate wellbeing of the bounded society. If so, fraud, misrepresentation, deception, market gouging, monopolistic manipulations, and, in short ‘taking advantage’ should be penalised. If they become routine, the wellbeing of the

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Jablonka’s History

Literature and the Search for Truth

Sarah Fishman

happily denies having said something that he was captured on video saying, then blames the so-called ‘fake’ news for pointing out his deception? Part of Trump’s strategy in office, whenever the media or prosecutors or the Special Counsel get too hot, is to

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The Pardoner’s Passing and How It Matters

Gender, Relics and Speech Acts

Alex da Costa

tam diu, preter amasium, ceteros decepisset homines’, p. 441). Moreover, he stresses that she was famous both before and after the deception was revealed. While she was thought to be a man, through her ‘outstanding virtue and holiness’ (‘singulari

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Catrin Gibson

both our extreme responsibility and our absolute freedom to adopt alternative projects. Sartre denies the existence of objective values, so man bears sole responsibility for creating his own meaning in the world. People engage in self-deception in an

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The Fiscal Commons

Tax Evasion, the State, and Commoning in a Catalonian Cooperative

Vinzenz Bäumer Escobar

Monetary Fund], the euro, and capitalism.” He augmented this critique of global economic institutions with a damning judgment of Spanish political structures: “I suppose you've already seen that over here we're living inside of a political deception.” He

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Rainer Reisenzein

University Press . Ekman , Paul . 1992 . “ An Argument for Basic Emotions .” Cognition and Emotion 6 ( 3–4 ): 169 – 200 . Ekman , Paul , and Wallace V. Friesen . 1969 . “ Nonverbal Leakage and Clues to Deception .” Psychiatry 32 ( 1 ): 88

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Graham Holderness

possesses these capabilities individually and potentially in secret, since the organ is hidden deep within the body. Secret passions, deceptions and dissimulations, wickedness and criminality can all germinate in the heart, visible to no-one except God, who

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Peter Hudson

clear that the Freudian unconscious to which Turner referred and which he defended was the Sartrean conception in which, at the end of the day, the unconscious is a mode of bad faith or self-deception and as such, it is often argued, fails to decentre