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A Critique of Liberal Universalism

The Concept of Secular Philosophical Grounding

Jaan S. Islam

discuss the pluralist-deliberation school of thinking. Inspired in part by Habermas’s discourse ethics and deliberative democracy as well as the need to come to global consensus amongst the infinitely diverse groups of moral, cultural, and legal thinking

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Anna Scolobig, Luigi Pellizzoni, and Chiara Bianchizza

“interventionist” (top-down or “technocratic”) approach was used after a flood event that affected the municipality in the year 2003. A comparison of these two cases allows for a critical view of the perspective—widespread in deliberative democracy scholarship

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Participatory Democracy in Unlikely Places

What Democratic Theorists Can Learn from Democratic Professionals

Selen A. Ercan’s and Albert W. Dzur

problems, and try to solve them together. That is pretty democratic, but she does not use those terms. Helen does not think of the work as democratic or deliberative. If I were to talk with her about deliberative democracy she would say, “No, what we are

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Corrective Capacities

From Unruly Politics to Democratic Capacitación

Susan Ellison

NGOs have held workshops aiming to counteract combative politics through various techniques of conflict analysis, negotiation and transformation cobbled together from Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR or third party mediation), deliberative democracy

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Jeffrey D. Hilmer and Max Halupka

values (e.g., consensus process, mutual aid, horizontality) are prefigurative because they manifest practices and values consistent with their future society. Medearis makes a similar point when he criticizes deliberative democracy for considering

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Bertjan Wolthuis

mainstream political thought. In the literature we witness critical claims with respect to (1) public reason and deliberative democracy and (2) bargaining and compromise. I discuss these claims together in this section, to show how for political liberalism

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Nadia Urbinati

deliberative democracy, a branch of critical theory and, for this very reason, naturally keen to make the concept of crisis a learning tool. “Crisis is at the basis of social and critical theory insofar as it signifies the dissonance between morality and

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Wolfgang Merkel and Jean-Paul Gagnon

prevail to some extent. The second example that I’d like to give here is about deliberative democracy. Its different forms should be considered as democratic innovations, especially when it comes to well-established democracies. I have, however, the

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Learning to Judge Politics

Professor John Dunn (Interviewed by Professor Lawrence Hamilton)

John Dunn and Lawrence Hamilton

deliberative democracy or any of these other models, especially in a place that is the size of, say, India. JD: I think the idea that you could have deliberative democracy or participative democracy in a way which determines the agency of the Indian state is

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Free from State Violence or Free to Comply?

A Revised Typology of Coercion and Repression in Liberal Democracies

Barbora Capinska

any interference as repressive. 7 Equally, some authors advocating deliberative democracy claim that coercive decisions or actions are those taken against the will of others; again, it presupposes subjects being aware of their interests and