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Travel Writers and Traveling Writers in Australasia

Responses to Travel Literatures and the Problem of Authenticity

Helen Bones

population trends have tended in the past to focus on large scale, one-way, permanent emigration flows in the British diaspora, or in postcolonial terms on the impact of colonies on the center of empire and the expatriation of colonial prodigies back to the

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Stepping through the Silver Screen

Austro-German Filmmaker, Bestselling Author, and Journalist Colin Ross Discovers Australia

Anne Rees

University Press . Alomes , Stephen . 1999 . When London Calls: The Expatriation of Australian Creative Artists to London . Cambridge : Cambridge University Press . Arrowsmith , Robyn . 2010 . “ Australian WWII War Brides in America: Their Memories and

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Maureen Mulligan

living in a farmhouse in the hills above Malaga in Andalusia alongside servants, local workers, and other expatriates nearby. Unlike other travelers to Spain who wrote about the conflict, Woolsey was in a privileged position to understand what was

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The Silent Spring

Why Pro-democracy Activity Was Avoided in Gulf Nations during the Arab Spring

Charles Mitchell, Juliet Dinkha, and Aya Abdulhamid

Indian and Pakistani expatriate populations and the local contention that South Asian workers were depriving Omanis of high-paying positions and hoarding much of the country’s business profits while locals were facing problems of inflation and rising oil

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Richard Ivan Jobs, Judith Surkis, Laura Lee Downs, Nimisha Barton, and Kimberly A. Arkin

narrative, both sets of BD have relied upon the romantic feminization of Indochina, with an expatriate adventurer exploring the exotic locale, often with the aid of a local métis sidekick. Through the reconstruction of such narrative tropes, McKinney

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Laurie Kain Hart

, Vlachs were stigmatized, vulnerable, 3 and recruitable border guards. The Slavophone population that had resisted expatriation to Bulgaria in the 1910s and 1920s was thus still “matter out of place” ( Douglas 2005: 44 ) more than a half-century later

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Speaking Back, Striking Back

Calls for Local Agency and Good Fieldwork in Development Encounters

Eugenie Reidy

workers are seen in comparison with the way they see themselves’ ( Harrigan and Changath Chol 1998: 26 ). Today’s development workers (NGO employees, consultants, expatriate aid staff, volunteers and globally networked aid professionals) have occasionally

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“Till I Have Done All That I Can”

An Auxiliary Nurse’s Memories of World War I

Michelle Moravec

Organized by sympathetic expatriates, the American Ambulance Hospital grew out of the existing American Hospital in Paris. At the start of the war, the French government turned over a recently completed school, the Lycée Pasteur, to these volunteers, who

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Samuel Salzborn

something that was done to them, in a rhetorical trick achieved by separating Hitler—as the personal embodiment of evil and Nazism—from his people, so that guilt can be expatriated and denied. In Gauland’s worldview, it seems that there are no more

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Ephraim Yuchtman-Yaar, Yasmin Alkalay, and Tom Aival

, like expatriate Lebanese George Antonius and Syrian Michel Aflaq, played a key role in shaping a pan-Arab identity shared by Christians and Muslims alike. In the same way, Mizrahim emphasized Jewish nationalism as a shared basis of collective Israeli