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Mirko M. Hall

that key characteristics of the gothic and dark wave scenes—such as the sense of “individual pessimism and collective melancholy” and the accompanying ideals of “death, decay, loyalty, love, purity, and simplicity”—can easily be channeled through an

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Evelyn Adunka

-nine. In 1889 the synagogue in the Müllnergasse was built with an organ. Built by Max Fleischer in the neo-gothic style, it was the only synagogue in Vienna that had no women’s gallery; the women sat in the aisles, which were elevated like in the famous

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The International Circulation and Impact of Invasion Fiction

Case Study of William Le Queux's The Invasion of 1910 – ‘Not an ordinary “pot-boiler”’

Ailise Bulfin

tale, The Sorrows of Satan has affinities with gothic invasion narratives such as Bram Stoker's Dracula (1897) in that it deploys the prevalent trope of the supernatural foreign intruder who undermines British society. Indeed, its ominous ending

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Bringing Lebanon’s Civil War Home to Anglophone Literature

Alameddine’s Appropriation of Shakespeare’s Tragedies

Yousef Awad

it. It drizzles, then showers, then drizzles, then showers’ (272). This gothic atmosphere complements Aaliyah’s fantasy of a ghastly scene the night before, reminiscent of Duncan’s murder in Macbeth’s castle: ‘I heard Joumana murder someone, probably

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Gargi Gangopadhyay

architect who specialized in designing churches. 24 Such elaborate constructions (other examples included the Hindu College and Duff’s Institution, which sported Gothic pillars and Western façades) stood in absolute contrast to the village pathshala s: for

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The Gondomar First Folio

Lost, Stolen or Invented?

Ángel-Luis Pujante

found the library ‘swept and garnished; no trace of the volume he had once held there in his hand’. 7 Placed side by side, Gayangos’s letter of 1860 tells a more sober tale, even if it sometimes reads like an episode from a Gothic novel, than Mrs Ward

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Borderland of the Mind

The Free City of Danzig and the Sovereignty Question

Elizabeth M. Clark

guide. This publication included photos of notable Danzig landmarks, such as the Rathaus (city hall) and the gothic Marienkirche (Church of Our Lady), but also sought to acquaint the tourist with local officials, offering portraits of Senate

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Patricia Mainardi

and huge beasts, contemporary beauties and Gothic monuments will furnish the most bizarre and varied digest of our epoch at two sous. There, now you have the authentic Magasin pittoresque . 25 An article in Le Temps complained that “no system

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Ecaterina Lung

relative’s protection could be forced into marriage against her will, as happened to Matasuntha, granddaughter of Theodoric the Ostrogoth, who, according to Procopius, was compelled despite her objections to marry the Gothic aristocrat Vitiges in order for

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‘Tu Numeris Elementa Ligas’

The Consolation of Nature’s Numbers in Parlement of Foulys

C.W.R.D. Moseley

(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1970); E. Wind, Pagan Mysteries in the Renaissance (New York: W.W. Norton, 1968) 27 Jordan, Chaucer and the Shape of Creation , and E. Mâle, The Gothic Image (repr., London: Dent, 1961). See also Helen Phillips