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So What Is the Anthropology of Buddhism About?

David N. Gellner

the ideology of progress (or creative destruction) of the wider society, they also frequently turn their fire on the failings of their own disciplinary ancestors. Theravāda studies have moved on and grown greatly in sophistication. There is clear

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A Protracted Peacebuilding Process

Emile Badarin

hundred thousand to eight hundred thousand Palestinians and elimination of their social and physical communities ( Khalidi 2006 ; Masalha 1992 ; Morris 1989 ; Pappé 2007 ). Since 1948, Zionism has become the official ideological compass of the Israeli

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Co-constituting Bodyguarding Practice through Embodied Reflexivity

Methodological Reflections from the Field

Paul Higate

from our heads and fiction from our bodies” ( Simmonds 1999: 59 ). Aside from the implicit (and sometimes explicit) ideological framing of the female “leaky” body as somehow closer to nature ( Shildrick 1997 ), and therefore inferior in keeping with

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Meike J. de Goede

, ideology ]. Paris : F. Maspero . Azevedo , Mario . 1981 . “ The Human Price for Development: The Brazzaville Railroad and the Sara of Chad. ” African Studies Review 24 ( 1 ): 1 – 19 . 10.2307/523908 Balandier , Georges . 1966 . Ambiguous Africa

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Beyond Economy and Religion

Resources and Socio-cosmic Fields in Odisha, India

Roland Hardenberg

In light of this understanding, one important anthropological task becomes that of exploring diverse societies and the ideologies they harbor to begin to document the various configurations of monism and pluralism that actually exist in the world

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Pentecostalism and Egalitarianism in Melanesia

A Reconsideration of the Pentecostal Gender Paradox

Annelin Eriksen

model based on a social ideology with a strong European heritage has, on the one hand, set Melanesian societies in comparative dialogue with social systems elsewhere. On the other hand, however, it has perhaps prevented explorations of possible

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Khaled Furani

avenues, a possible means by which anthropology takes measure of the distance or proximity between it and secular state power, through which it operates. I must stress that this article does not aim to ‘unmask’ secularism as an illusory ideology of

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Liberation Autochthony

Namibian Veteran Politics and African Citizenship Claims

Lalli Metsola

war account for such politics of inclusion and exclusion by constructing a scale of patriotism. Even though the ideology of liberation suggests an inclusive notion of the nation, the actual history of the struggle and its narrative accounts produce

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Shadow Soldiering

Shifting Constellations and Permeable Boundaries in “Private” Security Contracting

Maya Mynster Christensen

soldiers, private contractors are perceived as being motivated by “compensation in excess”—as people who, much like the mercenary, go to war without ideological and sacrificial ideas ( Taussig-Rubbo 2009: 106 ). Lacking the sacrificial component, their

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Amanda J. Reinke

complete observer. Marrying nonparticipant and participant observation in this context often illuminated differences between practitioners’ ideological positioning in trainings and public discourse with their on-the-ground practices. In several cases, the