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Stiles X. Simmons and Karen M. Feathers

students that involved students in inquiry, renaming and retheorizing, and eventually taking action. Many educators and theorists have constructed frameworks of critical literacy based on Friere’s work. They include: the four-resource model ( Luke and

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Natalie Clark

Awe: Trauma as the New Colonial Frontier for Indigenous Girls As I have argued elsewhere ( Clark 2016 ), the current focus on trauma and trauma-informed practice continues the colonial reach and the entrenchment of Western European medical model

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Constructing Pathways to Responsible Manhood

Controlling Images and Meaning Making Through the Use of Counter-narratives

Mellie Torres, Alejandro E. Carrión, and Roberto Martínez

claim positive male masculinity roles that challenge stereotypes. Students share how they (re)conceptualize manhood by incorporating narratives and discourse from their schools, role models, and family. Their counter-narratives critique but also push

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Claudia Mitchell

adults should not be assumed to be an exclusive outcome and process of improper and premature sexualization in culturally-specific contexts like Singapore.” Erin Newcomb reviews Sarah Rothschild’s The Princess Story: Modeling the Feminine in Twentieth

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Personal, Powerful, Political

Activist Networks by, for, and with Girls and Young Women

Catherine Vanner and Anuradha Dugal

“Today I met my role model,” tweeted climate change activist Greta Thunberg on 25 February 2020, captioning a picture of herself with girls’ education activist Malala Yousafzai, who also tweeted the picture, proclaiming that Greta was “the only

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Passing the Talking Stick

Resilience-Making through Storytelling

Tammy Williams

times higher than do non-Indigenous women ( Miladinovic and Mulligan 2015 ). The stories in this collection highlight the girls’ need for mentorship in self-love and traditional knowledge of ceremonies, and for positive female role models who embody

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Diederik F. Janssen

favor a companionate relationships model, mirroring historical trends in urbanization, although the breadwinner position was found to be an enduringly defining feature of masculinity. Among the significant dimensions of this study are adolescents

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In Pursuit of Masculinity

On Aging Bodies, Migration and Youthful Masculinities

Usman Mahar

confidentiality. Successful Aging: A Brief Background Before I dive into my informant's life history and other relevant information—such as why I chose a migrant for my research—I would like to introduce the reader to the successful aging model. A certain

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Sarah E. Whitney

ambiguous ethnicity that is palatable to the dominant culture” (2011: 94). Critiques of tween popular culture similarly use white-centric reference points; Barbie is often invoked in discussions of premature sexualization or bad role modeling, and Disney

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A New Kind of Monster, Cowboy, and Crusader?

Gender Hegemony and Flows of Masculinities in Pixar Animated Films

Elizabeth Al-Jbouri and Shauna Pomerantz

” in children's media ( Gilliam and Wooden 2008 ; Wooden and Gillam 2014 ). This “new man,” as Ken Gillam and Shannon Wooden (2008) note, “promotes an innovative model of masculinity, one that matures into acceptance of its more traditionally