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Misbehaving Women

Trespass and Honor in Late Medieval English Towns

Teresa Phipps

framework of honor beyond the “double standard” model. Honor and reputation were at stake for all members of the urban community, and town courts offered a public means to claim and restore this for all those permitted to litigate according to local legal

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The “Moral Effect” of Legalized Lawlessness

Violence in Britain’s Twentieth-Century Empire

Caroline Elkins

undertook a series of steps that consolidated decades of legalized lawlessness into a set of emergency powers that would become the most popular model for future counterinsurgency campaigns. In 1931, the Palestine (Defence) Order in Council was passed; this

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Beyond the Myth of Lesbian Montmartre

The Case of Chez Palmyre

Leslie Choquette

and work the cash register. Palmyre may have chuckled over article thirteen, which stated: “In case of marriage of Madame Palmyre Du-mont, her husband will be excluded and will under no circumstances be part of the Society.” 43 Palmyre modeled her

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Constructing Difference and Imperial Strategy

Contrasting Representations of Irish and Zionist Nationalism in British Political Discourse (1917–1922)

Maggy Hary

nationalist movements in Palestine viewed the Irish precedent as an important historical model. Zionists in particular looked up to the figures of Irish independence: as the leader of Lohamei Herut Israel (Lehi: “fighters for the freedom of Israel”), 21

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“Purely Artistic”

Police Power and Popular Culture in Colonial Algerian Theater

Danielle Beaujon

suggest, such binary terms fix historical actors into rigid choices. 71 In this two-dimensional model, Algerians were either nationalists, fighting for their country, or pro-French béni-oui-ouis , selling out to the colonial state. 72 But Algerians

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Frans Ciappara

patron of the parish. Holy relics’ triumphal entry into the village was also consciously modeled on the ceremonial of a newly elected grand master’s possession of the towns. 76 This ceremonial should not be presented exclusively as a device by which the

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“Till I Have Done All That I Can”

An Auxiliary Nurse’s Memories of World War I

Michelle Moravec

facilitated her transfer to the hospital where she had first worked in the fall of 1914. Second to the Red Cross in the summer of 1917, the American Ambulance Hospital of Clarke’s first nursing stint now stood as the model medical facility in France, known as

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Migration to the “First Large Suburban Ghetto” in America

Korean Immigrant Merchants in South Central Los Angeles in the 1980s

Chanhaeng Lee

relationships with neighbors as a model of racial harmony: “We all love him. … There isn’t one bad thing you can say about Lee,” said one neighbor, recalling that Lee had attended his father’s funeral. 62 As Sung Hak Choi points out, however, the efforts of

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Competing Visions

The Visual Culture of the Congo Free State and Fin de Siècle Europe

Matthew G. Stanard

” [ Mouvement géographique , between geography and colonial propaganda], Belgeo 1 (2008): 27–46, doi: 10.4000/belgeo.10172 . 22 Frits Scholten, “Charles Samuels Nele , model, fragment, cliché,” Bulletin van het Rijks Museum [Bulletin of the Rijksmuseum

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Stanley Chojnacki

others with authority over women who violated” new limits imposed on certain types of jewelry. 23 Raffaella Sarti observes that “objects help to model and structure social relations, and equally social relations are expressed through objects.” 24 The