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Fadi Amer

than happening upon a fixed or true identity, flux is a structural necessity as one must constantly construct the sort of lives they wish to lead, as materialised in one's chosen bundles of practices, norms, beliefs and values. Yet amidst conflicting

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Christopher J. Allsobrook

that freedom and equality are, at best, works in progress. Are all South Africans now free? Hamilton writes, ‘If we conceive of freedom in more realistic and substantive terms than is the norm, we get a very different answer from the one normally given

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Tal Correm

cases, she explicitly contrasts Fanon along with Sorel and Pareto with the 1960s Left moralists and identifies a radical break from their moral norms. The former ‘were motivated by a much deeper hatred of bourgeois society and were led to a much more

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Decolonising Borders

Re-imagining Strangeness and Spaces

John Sodiq Sanni

first level, culture can be construed as the traditional values, contemporary ways of life and modes of understanding of a citizenry. In this broad and general view of culture, enlightenment principles, liberal democratic norms and economic liberalism

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The Economics of Decolonisation

Institutions, Education and Elite Formation

Nicola Viegi

. As argued by Belloc and Bowles (2013) , colonial education was not only an institution for the provision of skills driven by the economic necessity of the coloniser: it also defined and implanted in the colonies a set of cultures and social norms

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Marta Nunes da Costa

either that of the individual or that of the state. By contrast to the prevailing norm, I argue that groups, classes and even social perspectives can have agency as most have representatives with agency, and the dynamics of this relationship of

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Alex Lichtenstein

order, Turner maintained, ‘lies in the workers’ control of the enterprise’, giving them the power to ‘resist norms or priorities they considered totally unjustified’ ( Turner 2015: 81 ). One can, of course, easily brush aside Turner’s implausible

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Coulthard, Glen Sean. Red Skin, White Masks

Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition

Elaine Coburn

through appeal to colonial political and legal structures and norms. This is not ‘mutual’ recognition, but the re-inscription of colonial state power over diverse Indigenous peoples. Unfortunately, Coulthard observes, contemporary developments in

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Valery B. Ferim

colonial structures which valorise Western norms, silence the subaltern and perpetuate the dependency of Africa in particular and the third world in general ( Childs and Williams 2014 ); an African economic community with one currency, free trade and free

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Olusegun Steven Samuel and Ademola Kazeem Fayemi

relationship guided by the norms of shared identity and solidarity. Metz (2017a: 166 ) clearly states: ‘A being's moral status is determined by the extent to which it is the kind of thing that can be party to a relationship in which there is communion