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Training Bodies, Training Minds?

Interrogating the Configured and Configuring of Masculinities in PE

Michael Kehler

discourses in PE that reveal difficult, while at other times pleasurable, experiences of PE and specifically the performances of gender that underscore how and what a group of New Zealand Year 10 boys (ages 14–15) learn about being boys and, furthermore, how

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How to Survive the Postfeminist Impasse

Grace Helbig’s Affective Aesthetics

Catherine McDermott

postfeminism. Instead, I argue that an affective approach is key to understanding how performances like Helbig’s work both with and against postfeminist cultural norms. For instance, Berlant’s coinage of the term “juxtapolitical” (2008: 10) opens up discussion

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In Pursuit of Masculinity

On Aging Bodies, Migration and Youthful Masculinities

Usman Mahar

) with respect to physical practices (e.g., those associated with an active lifestyle) in my informant's life as far as the maintenance and performance of youth is concerned? The second is more philosophical: how is the maintenance of youth through

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Marie Puysségur

framed by risk and possibility. Girls, Catherine Driscoll posits, are “products and performances of the long history of Western discourses on gender, sex, age, and identity” (2002: 7) that have defined feminine adolescence as the disruptive boundary

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I’m Not Loud, I’m Outspoken

Narratives of Four Jamaican Girls’ Identity and Academic Success

Rowena Linton and Lorna McLean

discussion of how these responses influenced their performance of what we call black womaness. Suffering Injustices at School The girls felt that injustices were present in their schools, classrooms, and society, as was evidence of discrimination, especially

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Boys, Inclusive Masculinities and Injury

Some Research Perspectives

Adam White and Stefan Robinson

nature of masculinities for boys and young men in the Anglophone context, showing that the declining social pressures to align to orthodox masculinity has allowed a broader range of gender performances. This range includes boys not having to ascribe to

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Consuming Katniss

Spectacle and Spectatorship in The Hunger Games

Samantha Poulos

that performance is key to doing well in the games yet is unable to perform these false identities. Katniss's Capitol-appointed stylist, Cinna, suggests, however, that audiences would admire her spirit and that she should just be honest, and she takes

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Constructing Pathways to Responsible Manhood

Controlling Images and Meaning Making Through the Use of Counter-narratives

Mellie Torres, Alejandro E. Carrión, and Roberto Martínez

performance in the context of social class, power, and prestige ( Ramírez 1999 ; West and Fenstermaker 1995 ). Likewise, Michael Gutmann (1996) contends that the diverse masculine identities of Mexican men are shifting and transforming amid local and global

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Queering Virginity

From Unruly Girls to Effeminate Boys

Eftihia Mihelakis

on virginity in non-Western cinema. In the eighth and final chapter, “The Policing of Viragos and Other ‘Fuckable’ Bodies: Virginity as Performance in Latin America,” Tracy Crowe Morey and Adriana Spahr begin “with the epistemological (or performed

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Diederik F. Janssen

to others). Other research sites for gender and spatial performance of all kinds are of course the new spatialities unlocked by the massively multiplayer online and first-person shooter varieties, which, after all, cater even—perhaps especially