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Consuming Katniss

Spectacle and Spectatorship in The Hunger Games

Samantha Poulos

that performance is key to doing well in the games yet is unable to perform these false identities. Katniss's Capitol-appointed stylist, Cinna, suggests, however, that audiences would admire her spirit and that she should just be honest, and she takes

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Queering Virginity

From Unruly Girls to Effeminate Boys

Eftihia Mihelakis

on virginity in non-Western cinema. In the eighth and final chapter, “The Policing of Viragos and Other ‘Fuckable’ Bodies: Virginity as Performance in Latin America,” Tracy Crowe Morey and Adriana Spahr begin “with the epistemological (or performed

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Brendan Rooney, Hanna Kubicka, Carl Plantinga, James Kendrick, and Johannes Riis

writes on the performance of gay characters, and William Rothman writes on the implications of the camera’s presence to actors but not characters. While some writers are new to writing on film acting issues, others have a track record, and this lends

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Freak Temporality

Female Adolescence in the Novels of Carson McCullers

Alison Sperling

studies is a “fascinating sub-discipline” of disability studies. He defines “freakery” as “the intentional performance of constructed abnormality as entertainment” (2005: n.p.), arguing for the potential of conceiving of freaks not merely as voiceless and

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The Rich Inferential World of Mad Men

Serialized Television and Character Interiority

Jason Gendler

with Don: Don and Megan pretend to be a married couple deciding whether or not to have dessert. Figure 3 Irritated by Megan’s calculated, cheerful performance, Peggy gives Megan an icy glare . Megan prods Don to try the dessert she’s created using Cool

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Kata Szita, Paul Taberham, and Grant Tavinor

his use of various traditions within film scholarship. Chapters 1, 2, 8, and 9 focus on narrative and genre; Chapters 6 and 7, respectively, explore the aesthetics of performance and sound; Chapter 10 explores computer-generated (CG) animation in light

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Philip Cowan

course, Wyler’s work with the actors resulted in convincing performances. Toland, Hellman, and Wyler also later collaborated on Dead End , and The Little Foxes , two other highly acclaimed films. We can widen this creative circle further as all three of

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Putting the Culture into Bioculturalism

A Naturalized Aesthetics and the Challenge of Modernism

Dominic Topp

found in much mainstream cinema. In fact, the scene offers a fairly standard treatment of emotional expression, with the actors providing relatively naturalistic performances that are rendered legible by way of stylistic elements such as lighting (high

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Chloe Krystyna Garcia and Ayesha Vemuri

how girls and young women use YouTube as a mode of self-expression and gender performance, only a paucity of literature analyzes this platform to understand how young women communicate about rape culture. Douglas Kellner and Gooyong Kim observe, “There

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When the Future Is Hard to Recall

Episodic Memory and Mnemonic Aids in Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival

Hannah Chapelle Wojciehowski

, and they reversed the temporal order of the frames. What they found is that removing the sound had impaired viewers’ recognition, although the visual information alone drove performance well above chance in that test. Meanwhile, reversing the temporal