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Using Art to Resist Epistemic Injustice

The Aesthetics of the Oppressed and Democratic Freedom

Gustavo H. Dalaqua

Performance to Make Politics and indicate how two practices proposed in this book—namely, the Nuclei and the Chamber in the Square—promote democratic freedom by allowing citizens to produce knowledge and demands that ought to be taken into account by elected

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Digital Activism, Physical Activism

Malta’s Front Harsien ODZ

Michael Briguglio

networks, online mobilization, media performances, modular repertoires, media ecologies, media strategies, and networked social movements to analyze the role of digital media in environmental mobilization. Front Harsien ODZ in Context Front Harsien ODZ was

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Comic, Tragic, and Burlesque Burkean Responses to Hate

Notes from Counterprotests of Antigay Pickets

Barrett-Fox Rebecca

space, and the performance of suppressed rage (“If we weren’t at a funeral, I’d punch them right in the face!”). The tragic frame is universally employed in counterprotests to pickets focusing on death, such as those at military funerals or the funerals

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Spatializing Radical Political Imaginaries

Neoliberalism, Crisis, and Transformative Experience in the Syntagma Square Occupation in Greece

Dimitris Soudias

indignation in a more nationalist and fascist direction. Indeed, waving the Greek flag and singing the national anthem as recurring discursive and symbolic performances in the upper square created a sense of communitas ( Turner 2008 ) held together by

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Private Politics in the Garden of England

An Atypical Case of Anti–Wind Farm Contention

Matthew Ogilvie

and Secondary Stakeholder Activism on Firms’ Perceived Environmental Risk and Financial Performance .” American Sociological Review 77 ( 4 ): 573 – 596 . 10.1177/0003122412448796

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Staging Democracy

The Aganaktismenoi of Greece and the Squares Movement(s)

George Sotiropoulos

in which it took place—a liberal democracy claiming to be the only possible form of democracy and indeed the only legitimate form of political rule—the performance of direct democracy in Syntagma had a genuinely reinvigorating power as far as the

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“Montag ist wieder Pegida-Tag!”

Pegida’s Community Building and Discursive Strategies

Helga Druxes

present a configuration that would fit into existing political institutions, they stage their own identity as a fluid performance of rebellious discontent with government and globalization. Their loose organizational structure allows Pegida to affiliate

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The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Angela Merkel, the Grand Coalition, and “Majority Rule” in Germany

Joyce Marie Mushaben

periods with positive performance records. Both undertook complicated federalism reforms, and orchestrated serious economic restructuring with “Stability and Growth Packages” (1967, 2008). Each pulled off the adoption of unpopular domestic security

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Bleu, Blanc…Green?

France and Climate Change

Éloi Laurent

The deadly heat wave of August 2003 convinced a majority of French of the dramatic impact of climate change. This article aims at presenting evidence and analysis about public perception, environmental performance, and policy development in France with regards to this major public apprehension. The French are indeed among the most concerned people in the world and the EU about climate change, and they seem more willing than others to act resolutely to mitigate it. Yet, if the performance of the French economy in terms of greenhouse gas emissions (GHS) is flattering, ambitious public policies will have to be implemented to achieve the "factor 4" objective set in 2005 (a four-fold reduction of GHG by 2050). This was precisely the main purpose of the "Grenelle environnement," which in 2007 tried to build into the law the national consensus on climate change and the sustainability of which is bound to be tested by acute economic difficulties.

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Eva Infante Mora

Evaluation is essential to the analysis of the performance of academic programmes and is a central feature of the academic accountability movement. Most study abroad programmes, however, lack evaluation protocols, even though establishing them and acting on the results would contribute to their credibility. This final section of a comprehensive account of the reform of a study abroad programme presents how CASA-Sevilla has developed evaluation strategies to inform pedagogical changes in each successive semester to improve student-learning outcomes. The programme’s aim is to achieve a 360-degree assessment by treating students holistically and including all involved faculty, staff, community partners and host families. The aim is also to be transparent in pointing out the problems in the programme’s performance and use them as an impetus for improvement. This section is written to share what we have learned in hopes of starting a more robust dialogue among study abroad programmes about evaluation.