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Fair Exchange

Utilisation of Working Animals (and Women) in Ancient Mesopotamia and Modern Africa

Jill Goulder

example of this in southern Africa, notes that ‘the role of cattle as signifiers … is a perennial theme in the African anthropological literature’. Engels ([1884] 2004: 151 ) assigns the emergence of gender inequality to the advent of private property

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Unsettling the Land

Indigeneity, Ontology, and Hybridity in Settler Colonialism

Paul Berne Burow, Samara Brock, and Michael R. Dove

into private property is a double negation: the loss of land, and the devastation of the sets of relationships that constitute land in Indigenous ontologies. Capitalism is fundamental to the structural conditions of settler colonialism. Settler

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John Sonnett

to have not only representative democracy, but also “a private-sector market economy” (59) and an “international free-trade policy” (70). Rome not only “protected private property” (76), but also “honored individualism” (105). It was “the invisible

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Michael Sheridan

boundaries signified a transformation from communal ownership to private property regimes ( Marx 1915: 100 ; Morgan 1878: 217 ). In part because of the need to organize local government and spur cash crop production in its colonial empire, British

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Ethnographies of Private Security

Erella Grassiani and Tessa Diphoorn

. 2004 . “ Policing Communal Spaces: A Reconfiguration of the ‘Mass Private Property’ Hypothesis .” British Journal of Criminology 44 ( 4 ): 562 – 581 . 10.1093/bjc/azh027 Kinsey , Christopher . 2005 . “ Challenging International Law: A Dilemma of

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Migration, residential investment, and the experience of “transition”

Tracing transnational practices of Albanian migrants in Athens

Gerda Dalipaj

development brought considerable numbers of people to living in Elbasan, many of them of rural origin, giving the city a new face. The old patrician houses were among the few things that continued to be recognized as private property during the communist

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Valeriy Heyets

not produce autonomous private property or the separation of economic and political power … Instead, it weakened the autonomy of both the state and private property and pushed countries toward crony or politicized capitalism” ( 2018: 306 ). Mann (2005

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Anna Scolobig, Luigi Pellizzoni, and Chiara Bianchizza

to structural mitigation works can also be strong, either because of their possible failures or because of the need to expropriate private properties for their construction. As we have seen, in both our cases some individuals were against the

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Counter-Violence and Islamic Terrorism

Is Liberation without Freedom Possible?

Maria Russo

thought of Dühring and Engels, the basis of an oppressive condition for Sartre was already present in the context of nomadic primitive man, with the emergence of the structure of desire, prior, even, to private property and slavery. Thus, oppression

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Processes of Territorialization in Mexico

Indigenous Government, Violence, and Comunalidad

Philipp Wolfesberger

of hierarchical political systems and private property, capitalist in nature ( Martínez Luna 2016: 72–94 ). There is no general discrimination against outsiders, but rather a state of constant alert to prevent being assimilated, integrated, or