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Eilon Schwartz

the void that liberal democracy had created with its sacrifice of a shared sense of the good among citizens in favor of a procedural democracy that focuses on rights, it was easy for religious visions of the good to fill the vacuum that had been

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Cosmopolitan Politesse

Goodness, Justice, Civil Society

Nigel Rapport

, religious or occupational dictates, for instance – but it would do so in such a way that an overriding goodness of a procedural and ‘mannerly’ kind exists. One does not and cannot colonise others’ substantive version of the good with one’s own, and one does

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Lawrence Hamilton

that sense. But I am in the sense that nor am I ultimately interested in the philosophical question, ‘What is power?’, or any answer we might be able to give to it. My main concern is to think about and provide practicable, procedural means through

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Amit Ron

to examine how institutions shape the exchange of reasons. The process of deliberation has both procedural and epistemic dimensions. On the one hand, the outcome of a process of democratic deliberation is considered legitimate because it is the

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Marco Ricceri

dimension. With this four-dimensional distinction, we follow the SQA's procedural framework ( IASQ 2019 ). This distinction is recently applied for analyzing processes of societal transformation in Ukraine ( Novakova 2017 ). Regarding BRICS, the related

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Louise Haagh

embedding in society. In this context, theories of democratic deepening, such as through formal extensions of procedural rights through bargaining processes ( O'Donnell 2001 ; Whitehead 2002 ; Haagh 2002 , 2012 ), also get us only part of the way. For

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A Woman of Valor Goes to Court

Tort Law as an Instrument of Social Change under Multiculturalism

Ella Glass and Yifat Bitton

divided into two categories: procedural and substantive. Procedurally, a public petition enjoys the advantages of immediacy in managing the proceedings and the ability to request unconventional remedies. Managing a private civil suit, in contrast, takes

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Ben Herzog

technical and involved only procedural adjustments. For example, Amendment 1 (1952) declared that a request for the renunciation of Israeli citizenship is not limited to citizens who are abroad. Amendment 3 (1971) stated that a Jew can express his intention

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Adopting a Resistance Lens

An Exploration of Power and Legitimacy in Transitional Justice

Julie Bernath and Sandra Rubli

2014 ), while advocates repeatedly emphasize the need for transparency, due processes, and credibility. Such calls are linked to concerns over rejection of the process by the affected population (e.g., Kaminski, Nalepa, and O’Neill 2006 ). A procedural

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Non- and dedocumenting citizens in Romania

Nonrecording as a civil boundary

Ioana Vrăbiescu

when they do not have the required identity documents that allow them to sign a contract is an example. These procedural practices show the state’s ability to enact its sovereign power by shifting the responsibility of official recording to individuals