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Marie Paxton and Uğur Aytaç

designing procedures), it is my contention that Bateman does not fully acknowledge the way in which political participation is affected by age, gender, race, class, education, and time. Indeed, certain of Bateman's proposals, such as to use activist leaders

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Samuel Moyn and Jean-Paul Gagnon

, Charles . 2019 . Gods of the Upper Air: How A Circle of Renegade Anthropologists Reinvented Race, Sex and Gender in the Twentieth Century . New York : Doubleday . Kliger , Gili . 2019 . “ The Critical Bite of Cultural Relativism ”. Boston Review

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Alexander Weiss

-013-0001-z Hassanzadeh , Navid . 2018 . “ Race, Internationalism, and Comparative Political Theory .” Polity 50 ( 4 ): 519 – 546 . . 10.1086/699754 Hlaing , Pho . ( 1878 ) 2004. Rajadhammasangaha . Trans. by L

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Crisis? How Is That a Crisis!?

Reflections on an Overburdened Word

Michael Freeden

in his far more thorough, though earlier, GG entry, Koselleck was aware of many alternative usages of crisis, some of which he raced through in the final pages of the entry. 10 Yet he remained too wedded to an agenda of time, change, progress, and

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Paul Apostolidis, William E. Connolly, Jodi Dean, Jade Schiff, and Romand Coles

Mexico who bear the legacies of tenacious, historically rooted ideologies and technologies of race, class, and empire. Characteristically—in ways that make Donald Trump’s wall-building fantasies resonate improbably with the Border Patrol’s 1950s efforts

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Francisco A. Ortega

Grundbegriffe , vol. 1 (Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta, 1972), xiii–xxviii. For studies that demonstrate the rapid appropriation of republicanism in Colombia, see Marixa Lasso, Myths of Harmony: Race and Republicanism During the Age of Revolution, Colombia 1795

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Citizens and Citizenship

The Rhetoric of Dutch Immigrant Integration Policy in 2011

Dana Rem and Des Gasper

Interpretive Policy Analysis . Newbury Park, CA : Sage . 10.4135/9781412983747 Yanow , D. 2003 . Constructing “Race” and “Ethnicity” in America: Category-Making in Public Policy and Administration . Armonk, NY : M. E. Sharpe . Yanow , D. , and M

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Belonging to Spontaneous Order

Hayek, Pluralism, Democracy

Stephanie Erev

marginalized and excluded communities despite neoliberalism's official commitment to equality. Together they have tended to justify and further entrench exclusions and forms of control and domination based upon race, ethnicity, gender identity, ability, and

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Leif Lewin

proportion, predominant in the representation” ( Burke [1790] 1969: 140 ). The introduction of universal suffrage abolished what one could call external obstacles to political equality (income, property, sex, race, religion, etc.). The current criticism of

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Jan Berting

as “race” or “racial groups,” with “ethnic groups” and ethnicity. “Ethnic identity” is, following the definition of Eugeen Roosens: “a feeling of belonging and continuity-in-being (staying the same person through time) resulting from an act of self