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Maša Mrovlje and Jennet Kirkpatrick

interests and loyalties and shaped by a plethora of situational factors beyond their full control, including the hierarchies of gender, race and class inequality. Indeed, the moral dilemmas they confront can stem from their embeddedness within the same

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Lawrence Ogbo Ugwuanyi

done to the African family. As a result of this, this brand of pan-Africanism has historical roots in the enslavement of Africans peoples by both the Arabs and the Europeans. Hence, it promotes the race consciousness among sub-Saharan Africans and

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Tal Correm

individual, society, and nation. Politically, participation in the struggle constitutes and advances national consciousness and unites the actors across the differences of class, gender, race, and religion in contrast to the colonial divisions of structural

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Kant’s Contradiction in Conception Test

A Causal-Teleological Version of the Logical Contradiction Interpretation

James Furner

universal causal law, and a ‘complete harmony of ends both within the race and within the individual’ ( Paton 1953: 150 ). A complete harmony of human ends is a moral community in which all ends pursued by members of the human race enable or promote one

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Traces of Pan Africanism and African Nationalism in Africa Today

Denis Goldberg

all people regardless of race gender, religious belief, etc. A fundamental question to be asked is, to what traditional rights do traditional leaders refer, if these ‘traditional rights’ are closely bound up with cultural attitudes? Are we speaking of

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The Weight of Absence

Rick Turner and the End of the Durban Moment

Billy Keniston

escaping accountability for being white. While Black Consciousness insisted that white Leftists be constantly aware of their race and of their relationship to the black majority, Marxism–Leninism allowed white radicals conveniently to disappear into the

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Pan-African Linguistic and Cultural Unity

A Basis For pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance

Simphiwe Sesanti

: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C. To 2000 A.D . Chicago : Third World Press . Wiredu , K. 1980 . Philosophy and an African culture . Cambridge : Cambridge University Press .

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Rianna Oelofsen

implications in terms of reparations linked to restorative justice, as highlighted by Tutu, and discussed earlier in the article. In South Africa, reaching out to others over class and race lines in order to aim for a flourishing society requires justice to

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Decolonising Borders

Re-imagining Strangeness and Spaces

John Sodiq Sanni

some and advantage others’ ( Fine 2016: 127 ). Race is one of the social and political modes of strangeness. Fine also considers ethnicity as the ‘distinctions between people primarily based on beliefs about shared history and culture’ ( Fine 2016: 128

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‘The Expenditure of a Million of British Sovereigns in this Otherwise Miserable Place’

Frontier Wars, Public Debt and the Cape’s Non-racial Constitution

Jeff Peires

expenditure of a million of British sovereigns in this otherwise miserable place. As to the losses by the war, they bear no comparison to the gains. I am heartily disgusted and sick of these mean, dishonest people; the Kafir is much the finer race of the two