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For a New Materialist Analytics of Time

Laura Bear

et al. 2009 ). Anthropology has explored exactly how time maps, symbolizing techniques and sociality orient humans in time ( Cole 2006 ). All of the articles here illustrate these strengths. In particular, they follow how various technologies of

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Jackie Clarke, Melanie Kay Smith, Margret Jäger, Anne O’Connor, and Robert Shepherd

from Australia, including perhaps the most well-known international symbol of Australia, Qantas Airline’s kangaroo logo. The strength of this collection is its focus on this nationalist aspect of commercial branding, a topic far less studied in heritage

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Evenki Adolescents’ Identities

Negotiating the Modern and the Traditional in Educational Settings

Svetlana Huusko

corridor “All strength and intellect to the development of our Motherland!” ( fig. 4 ). All the adolescents associate Figure 4 Poster, “All strength and intellect to the development of our Motherland!” Photo by the author (December 2016). the

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Xandra Miguel-Lorenzo

essentialism’ ( Haynes 2013: 434 ). Furthermore, Haynes says her research participants, women performing as wrestling cholitas , associate the figure of the fighting cholita with strength, enabling an image of Bolivian women who are not subjected to men

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Matthew Binney

customs, then he understands their unique commodities, or “Manufactures” (81). Once he understands these commodities, then he comprehends their distinctive commercial strengths. Once he understands their strengths, he may participate in and prosper through

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Brian Yothers, Gillian Dooley, Guy Galazka, Peter Weisensel, Jackie Coon, Magdalena Banaszkiewicz, and David Cashman

decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict over Jerusalem lingers on unresolved, with both parties seemingly more interested in successive futile trials of strength and short-term media coverage victories. Chapter 5 considers new approaches for tourism

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The Representation of Childhood in Ethnographic Films of Siberian Indigenous Peoples

The Case of the Documentary Film Malen’kaia Katerina (Tiny Katerina)

Ivan Golovnev and Elena Golovneva

Translator : Jenanne Ferguson

pastures suitable for deer grazing; there they would re-assemble and install their housing exclusively with the strength of their own family members (Lukina 1986: 122). The patterns of ornaments, embroidered by the woman of the house for her family, have

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Receiving the Gift of Cognitive Disability

Recognizing Agency in the Limits of the Rational Subject

Patrick McKearney

-giving relationships ( Vanier 1995a ). And this, in turn, led him to develop a distinctive theological vision in which dependence plays a central role. God, Vanier argues, comes to us not in our strength but in our weakness; not in our independence but in our

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Ekaterina Chekhorduna, Nina Filippova, and Diana Efimova

Translator : Jenanne K. Ferguson

life of the Sakha people. If, according to Plato, Homer brought up Hellas, then the Olonkho raised the Sakha people. It really can be compared with the ancient Greek epic—in strength, harmony, scope and beauty. What a vastness of thoughts and feelings

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“Space without People”

Austro-German Filmmaker, Bestselling Author, and Journalist Colin Ross Discovers Australia

Siegfried Mattl

redundant motifs, among which the fully loaded car, whose endurance and strength decides the fate of the Ross family, is given the key position. The voiceover has to carry the episode. The narrated passages become longer and take the form of an interior