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Hieronymus Purwanta

narratives than those of the Soeharto era. The presence of militaristic discourse in the history textbooks of the post-Soeharto era suggests that the Indonesian military still possesses enough political strength to influence educational publications relating

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Maria Bucur

that he started to kick me with both feet, with all his strength. In my stomach. In my ribs. Oh, I thought he was going to kill me. But they don't kill you. They just torture you. They bring you to that point where you hate yourself and you hate your

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Christopher E. Forth

, as an object of unrequited erotic attention by the same women. In Britain, Charles Gordon would offer a similar combination of “feminine” gentleness and humility with the strength and force that would still qualify him as a “masculine” hero (87). The

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Theorizing Mobility Transitions

An Interdisciplinary Conversation

Cristina Temenos, Anna Nikolaeva, Tim Schwanen, Tim Cresswell, Frans Sengers, Matt Watson, and Mimi Sheller

strength of the second analytical level—the “sociotechnical regime” that comprises a “set of rules,” from cognitive routines to technical standards and laws, on which various social groups rely. 5 Regimes are also shaped by “socio-technical landscapes

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Helga Druxes, Christopher Thomas Goodwin, Catriona Corke, Carol Hager, Sabine von Mering, Randall Newnham, and Jeff Luppes

interested in postcolonial studies and Jewish Studies. A great strength of this study is the laying out of different, sometimes warring approaches in the longue durée of cosmopolitanism ranging from Appiah, to Gilroy and Nussbaum, Edward Said and Homi

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Aro Velmet and Rachel Kantrowitz

the French empire through schooling. The strength of Gamble’s monograph lies in both its chronological reach and its focus on elite African voices, mostly Senegalese. Gamble positions his work as one that “deliberately tacks back and forth between

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Heidi Morrison, James S. Finley, Daniel Owen Spence, Aaron Hatley, Rachael Squire, Michael Ra-shon Hall, Stéphanie Vincent-Geslin, Sibo Chen, Tawny Andersen, and Stéphanie Ponsavady

automobility as a category is inextricably grounded in the social, cultural, bureaucratic, and infrastructural web that surrounds it. The strength of Mom’s argument comes from its breadth: that this body of literature grew out of and helped to create a new

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Ander Delgado

in a handful of Basque cities that were converted into schools and staffed, in a manner of speaking, by teachers known as andereños . From the 1960s, the ikastola movement started growing in size and strength, eventually taking the leap to create

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Pulling up the Drawbridge

Anti-Immigrant Attitudes and Support for the Alternative for Germany among Russian-Germans

Michael A. Hansen and Jonathan Olsen

not in the final analysis because no statistically significant relationships were uncovered between vote choice and the independent variables. For example, we explored whether eastern German residence, being born in Germany, strength of German identity

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The Alternative for Germany from Breakthrough toward Consolidation?

A Comparative Perspective on Its Organizational Development

E. Gene Frankland

social interaction, or the entrenchment of the “rules of the game.” 13 The strength/weakness of institutionalization directly relates to “the capacity of parties to adapt to changing electoral and policy environments.” 14 According to Panebianco