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Becoming “Pacific-Minded”

Australian Middlebrow Writers in the 1940s and the Mobility of Texts

Anna Johnston

the magazine. By encouraging travel, Walkabout also impacted the way Australians understood and played out emergent regional and national identities. Travel is as much a performance as a cultural practice, as Judith Adler argues, 22 and magazines

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Race and the Micropolitics of Mobility

Mobile Autoethnography on a South African Bus Service

Bradley Rink

classification system is gone, the box that I continue to tick defines me as “white.” By consciously choosing the bus as the mobility strategy for my daily commute, I abraded a set of expected norms based on my identity as a white, middle-class professional man

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Moving Onward?

Secondary Movers on the Fringes of Refugee Mobility in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

Jolien Tegenbos and Karen Büscher

refugee law, migrants are subjected to national migration policies. 18 The main argument emerging from our analysis is that secondary movement presents an arena for negotiation between camp authorities on the one hand and refugees and asylum seekers on

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Worldly Tastes

Mobility and the Geographical Imaginaries of Interwar Australian Magazines

Victoria Kuttainen and Susann Liebich

and aspirations of social mobility. The Middlebrow and Mobility: Class, Gender, and Geography In interwar Australia, magazines and periodicals were an important index of society and its print culture, given that national book publishing was still

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Target Practice

The Algorithmics and Biopolitics of Race in Emerging Smart Border Practices and Technologies

Tamara Vukov

the areas of national security and border enforcement. Department of Homeland Security officials, among others, claimed, “that it was impractical to ignore ethnicity when it came to border enforcement.” The immigration investigators have said, “We can

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“Four Guys and a Hole in the Floor”

Racial Politics of Mobility and Excretion among BC-Based Long Haul Truckers

Amie McLean

deny women the identity of “real” trucker. 16 These understandings emerge out of complex historical and cultural relations that, among other things, associate women with domesticity and the home and exclude them from the most privileged constructions

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Jens Kreinath and Refika Sariönder

, accompanied with the rise of Islamist politics, led to discussions of ethnic minority issues that prompted Alevis to redefine their social and political identity. The so-called Sivas event in 1993—when radical Sunnis, who consider Alevis as heretics, set fire

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Kim Knibbe, Brenda Bartelink, Jelle Wiering, Karin B. Neutel, Marian Burchardt, and Joan Wallach Scott

the Netherlands, Dutch national identity has become entwined with a self-image of being secular, progressive on women’s rights and gay rights, and liberated from the religious past through debates on migration and the so-called failure of the

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Alejandro Miranda

jarocho event. This artifact is central to the identity of son jarocho , as it differentiates it from other musical practices and provides a converging space for its enactment. Fandango emerged as a popular celebration among the peasants of the region in

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Steven Brooke, Dafne Accoroni, Olga Ulturgasheva, Anastasios Panagiotopoulos, Eugenia Roussou, Francesco Vacchiano, Jeffrey D. Howison, Susan Greenwood, Yvonne Daniel, Joana Bahia, Gloria Goodwin Raheja, Charles Lincoln Vaughan, Katrien Pype, and Linda van de Kamp

for ethnic identity and territorial claims are molding multifaceted and often contradictory intersections of private and public negotiations over shamanic knowledge, spiritual power, and personal agency. Building on a rich array of ethnographic case