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Le moment Lamennais

Modern Slavery and the Re-description of People (and Democracy) in Spain and Chile

Gonzalo Capellán

there prevailed a respect for civil equality as well as the guarantee of freedoms. Despite this, Guizot rejected the sovereignty of the number as a false and impossible principle for two main reasons. On the one hand, because it means “the absolute power

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Times of Democracy

The Unavoidable Democracy of Mid-Nineteenth-Century Denmark

Anne Engelst Nørgaard

could be used to interpret the present, past, and future. The Constitutional Struggle in Denmark, 1848–1849 The Danish kingdom was an absolute monarchy from 1660 to 1848/49. On 20 January 1848, King Christian VIII died, leaving the throne to his

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Porscha Fermanis

Brexit discourse is both a “cross-class allegiance to whiteness” and the principle of absolute national sovereignty enshrined in the separatist island nation of More's Utopia , with European Union membership seen as a regression from Britain's once

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Agricultural Fire or Arson?

Rural Denizens, Forest Administration, and the Colonial Situation in Algeria (1850–1900)

Antonin Plarier

pasturing, as they were not “an absolute necessity for the inhabitants” (art. 1). It also made possible the removal of agricultural enclaves by way of expropriation for public utility in the national forests (art. 2). In addition, the ban on grazing in burnt

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The Problem of Modern Pederasty in Queer History

A Case Study of Norman Douglas

Rachel Hope Cleves

breaks an absolute moral prohibition against sex between adults and children. 19 The taboo is so powerful that the desire itself is considered to be monstrous, regardless of whether an adult engages in acts of child sexual abuse or not. This taboo

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Eloise Grey

partner to me for the last few years, & nothing but the absolute necessity of the thing can reconcile my feelings to a separation from her. I consider her as a pattern of what a wife ought to be and of whom few indeed are to be met with in this country, so

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Beyond Metaphor

Corporeal Sociability and the Language of Commerce in Eighteenth-Century Britain and France

Joseph D. Bryan

fifteen years of “absolute frequency,” ten were in the eighteenth century (if we count 1699). That percentage was higher when we isolate “relative frequency.” A search in the ARTFL Encyclopédie returned 266 hits. Adding the article “la” only slightly

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Tuğçe Kayaal

citizenship alongside the constitutional regime. In this “new era” free of the sultan's absolute power, the Ottoman nation was imagined as a brotherhood that espoused unity over any particular religious, ethnic, or even economic or class-based interests. 10

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The Concept of Religion in Meiji Popular Discourse

An Analysis of the Newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun

Makoto Harris Takao

of Spinoza, Schopenhauer's theory of the Will, Hegel's Idealism, [and] Herbert Spencer's notion of the Unknowable and Absolute, to [understanding the concepts of] Confucianists' Daji (“great ultimate”), Buddhists' Tathātā and Myōkū (“excellent

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Conceptual Explorations around “Politics”

Thematizing the Activity of Politics in the Plenary Debates of the German Bundestag

Kari Palonen

speak for themselves, that their veto is not absolute, but it is the scholars themselves who must interpret the veto claims. The interpretative schemes serve the analysis as ideal types, based on a one-sided accentuation of historical features in order