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Katherine Weikert and Elena Woodacre

, University of Winchester, January 9–11, 2014); see also Welch and Rohan Brown, this issue. 20 Andrea-Bianka Znorovsky, “Cross-Dressing for Christ’s Sake: Visualising the Sponsa in Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts” (poster presented at the Gender and Medieval

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“One Is Not Born a Dramatist”

The Genesis of Sartre’s Theatrical Career in Writings to, with, and by Beauvoir

Dennis A. Gilbert

that Sartre once again remembers and is encouraged by his favorable theatrical experiences from some years earlier: “But take it from me, I really do have talent as a playwright. I wrote a scene of the angel announcing Christ’s birth to the shepherds

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Battle of Cosmologies

The Catholic Church, Adat, and ‘Inculturation’ among Northern Lio, Indonesia

Signe Howell

and ordered it published,” inculturation is defined as a ‘double movement’ whereby “[t]he Church assimilates these [non-Catholic] values, when they are compatible with the Gospel, [in order to] deepen understanding of Christ’s message and give it more

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William A. Quinn

original conception of a ‘marriage group’, Custance does anticipate Alison’s declaration of the inevitable woe in marriage (II, 261). Bowing to her parents’ sovereignty (subordinate only to Christ’s), she nevertheless is allowed briefly to complain: ‘I

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One of the Saved

In Memory of Jan Fuchs

Angela West

to be ‘saved’. The Question about ‘Being Saved’ A new Vatican document has broken theological ground by stating that Jews can be ‘saved’ despite not believing in Jesus Christ. 1 But Jews and Christians understand rather differently what it is to be

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Envisaging Eternity

Salian Women’s Religious Patronage

Nina Verbanaz

an evangeliary produced for Speyer between 1043 and 1046. On the left side, Conrad and Gisela kneel in submission to Christ; on the right side, Henry III and Agnes kneel next to Mary. Gisela’s dress and head covering are the same deep blue color as

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Pity Silenced

Economies of Mercy in The Merchant of Venice

Alessandra Marzola

death’ (IV. i. 116–17), Bassanio’s self-sacrificing bid casts the looming shadow of a Christ-like figure, whose blood is not shed in redemption of mankind, but wasted instead on homoerotic love. 10 Portia’s turnaround to moneyed mercy, and to the

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The Task of the Hebrew Translation

Reading into Othello’s Indian/Iudean Crux in the First Hebrew Translation

Eran Tzelgov

which case the pearl would refer to Christ. This reading, whether alluding to Herod or to Iscariot, carries obvious anti-Judaic or anti-Jewish undertones. Be it ‘Indian’ or ‘Iudean’, my main focus in this article is to examine the ways in which the crux

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Shane Harrison

survivor when one is sexually abused by an individual who is supposed to be a “living representation of Christ” (249). The final part of the volume addresses sexuality and sexual exploitation. Steven Procopio uses a lens of polyvictimization to unpack the

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Joseph Khoury

all kind of idolatries, of all that live among the Christians, and falsely profess the name of Christ, unto the most imperial and most invincible prince, Zuldan Murad Chan [Murad III], the most mighty ruler of the kingdom of Turkey, sole and above all