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Valery B. Ferim

even any individual eminent either in action or speculation. No ingenious manufactures among them, no arts, no sciences. On the other hand, the most rude and barbarous of the whites, such as the ancient Germans, the present TARTARS, have still something

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Deliberation and Courts

The Role of the Judiciary in a Deliberative System

Donald Bello Hutt

of constitutional rights compared to the disposition they have toward ordinary statutory content. He then engages in a discussion on the interpretive approaches and methodological issues raised by the practices of the U.S. Supreme Court and the German

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Shobita Parthasarathy

complete monopolies over important technologies like medicines. In the case of COVID-19, Canada, Germany, Chile, and Ecuador have also already amended their patent laws to ensure rapid compulsory licensing of any tests, treatments, or vaccines if necessary

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Class versus Nation

A History of Richard Turner’s Eclipse and Resurgence

Ian Macqueen

the German Historical Institute 6 . Washington, DC : German Historical Institute . Hart , G. 2013 . Rethinking the South African Crisis: Nationalism, Populism, Hegemony . Pietermaritzburg : UKZN Press . Heywood , M. 2014 . ‘ Is the

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Takamichi Sakurai

] narcissistically inflated group does not have available a minority which is sufficiently helpless to lend itself as an object for narcissistic satisfaction, the group's narcissism will easily lead to the wish for military conquests; this was the path of pan-Germanism

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Leslie Paul Thiele and Marshall Young

military commander, it is said, always fights the last war. The French high command, after the Great War, ordered an extensive series of bunkers and underground railways constructed along its border with Germany. This heavily fortified Maginot Line was to

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Democracy in a Global Emergency

Five Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Afsoun Afsahi, Emily Beausoleil, Rikki Dean, Selen A. Ercan, and Jean-Paul Gagnon

has been remarkable about this is the broad uniformity with which democracies around the world have embraced “the hour of the executive.” Even in a country as apprehensive about untrammeled executive power as Germany, parliament quickly moved to

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Pan-African Linguistic and Cultural Unity

A Basis For pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance

Simphiwe Sesanti

of Ancient Egyptian civilisation. Courageously he took on the German philosopher, Hegel, who ‘knows nothing of Africa, has never been there, is oblivious to all the older sources of African knowledge that were extant then as now’, yet had the

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Latin America and COVID-19

Political Rights and Presidential Leadership to the Test

Brigitte Weiffen

America 3/2020. Hamburg : German Institute for Global and Area Studies . Borges , Anelise . 2020 . “ ‘A little flu’: Brazil's Bolsonaro playing down coronavirus crisis .” Euronews , April 10 .

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Gender, Leadership and Representative Democracy

The Differential Impacts of the Global Pandemic

Kim Rubenstein, Trish Bergin, and Pia Rowe

management of the COVID-19 crisis, is that those countries led by women are largely doing far better. In Europe, Angela Merkel in Germany has had a lower death rate than Britain, France, Italy, or Spain. In Scandinavia, Finland's prime minister Sanna Marin