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Christopher J. Allsobrook

identify sites of domination and resistance, it is best, he argues, to combine these insights with his own ‘genealogical, inter-subjective and contextualist account of the determination and satisfaction of human needs’ (2014: 11). Hamilton is adamant that

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Fadi Amer

takes our doubt a step further, suggesting that it does not make any sense to discuss freedom as such, as one of the abstract moments hitherto mentioned, for freedom can only ever refer to a fundamentally intersubjective relation: ‘being free to do

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Marta Nunes da Costa

dimension of struggle between classes as a horizon for freedom’s definition and actualisation. In chapter III Hamilton makes the distinction between power and domination, combining a genealogical, intersubjective and contextualist account of the

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Way to Go

The Significance of Place for Girls and Girlhood Studies

Eva Hoffmann

-daughter narratives takes Jessica Benjamin’s notion of intersubjectivity as a point of departure for her argument that “coming of age is first and foremost an imagined relation, and more precisely, a matter (indeed, a project) of reimagining the past through the

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Robert Sinnerbrink and Matthew Cipa

bringing these perspectives together, Yacavone constructs a “three-dimensional” concept of film worlds that encompasses their objective, subjective, and intersubjective aspects. This avoids the main failing of most attempts to conceptualize film worlds: the

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Jean Comaroff and John Comaroff

slave that gave rise to intersubjective consciousness. Famously, Marx reformulated this dynamic as the structural conflict between classes, itself an historic interplay between two orders of dependence: of workers on wage labor, and of capital on the

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“Mind the Gap”

Between Movies and Mind, Affective Neuroscience, and the Philosophy of Film

Jane Stadler

cinema audience perceives through technology (as one sees through a clear lens) and perceives along with the technology (intersubjectively perceiving what the camera “sees,” what the microphone “hears,” and what the projector “expresses,” as though

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Jennifer Dodge, Richard Holtzman, Merlijn van Hulst, and Dvora Yanow

, intersubjective knowing and situated or contextual knowledge. Phenomenologists focus on making meaning of events, acts or situations, ‘bracketing’ the phenomenon itself and looking, instead, at sense-making (consider, for example, the work of Edmund Husserl and

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Co-constituting Bodyguarding Practice through Embodied Reflexivity

Methodological Reflections from the Field

Paul Higate

researcher, and the trainee cohort. In paying attention to the intersubjective dynamics of this particular research, we are reminded that security is rarely—if ever—the preserve of the individual but rather is relational, embodied, and ultimately engages a

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L’Aimé qui est l’aimée

Can Levinas’ Beloved Be Queer?

Robin Podolsky

for Levinas refers to a breach in synchronous inner time. A conversation is a series of ruptures, surprises, successive instants. The subject does not generate the Other’s saying. Each saying is a rip in the immanence of being. Every intersubjective