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Federica Stagni and Daryl Glaser

inequality, racism, and conflict is attributable to ‘neoliberalism’. Neoliberalism appears in this collection not as a regime of passive state withdrawal from the market but as an active agent of globalisation and ‘financialisation’. The term is made to

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The Battle of El Herri in Morocco

Narratives of Colonial Conquest during World War I

Caroline Campbell

opinion on this affair is summarized in this way: If Colonel Laverdure had not died in the El Herri affair, he would have been brought before the Conseil de Guerre and been condemned to the most severe punishment .” 56 Racism was at the heart of

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Book Reviews

On 20th Century Revolutionary Socialism, from Poland to Peru and beyond

Jean-Numa Ducange, Camila Vergara, Talat Ahmed, and Christian Høgsbjerg

’ manner in 1978, with respect to fighting racism, ‘the principles by which we live’ were that ‘the black working class will be in charge, and that the black struggle has an independence, validity, and vitality of its own’ (30). With those principles to

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Romanticizing Difference

Identities in Transformation after World War I

Nadia Malinovich

universalism, humanism, romanticism, and racism were much messier and intertwined. This volume brings together researchers in history, linguistics, and literary studies to reflect on these issues in order to explore the varied ways in which human difference was

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Amanda H. Littauer

sexism and homophobia, and sometimes also racism. For Kim, a black sixteen-year-old, the lesbian community “has showed me what I could have, if I was the right age and the right color and looked right. … It's offered me some things; a sense that there are

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France’s Great War from the Edge

Susan B. Whitney

toward Europe and whose racism has come under renewed public scrutiny in 2020, did not respond. Other Tunisian Jews sought to use Wilson's ideals to hold the French to the egalitarian and universal impulses of Republican rhetoric. In these interventions

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Imagining Utopia in an Unfree World

Rick Turner on Morality, Inequality and Existentialism

Mary Ryan

responsible for their environment and thus for their decisions. Under apartheid, the capitalist human model is perpetuated; it endorses ideological racism and fosters competitive attitudes towards people’s relations with one another. In line with Turner

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Policing the French Empire

Colonial Law Enforcement and the Search for Racial-Territorial Hegemony

Samuel Kalman

-africaine (1926–1937) ](Paris, 2003); Tyler Stovall, “The Colour Line behind the Lines: Racial Violence in France during the Great War,” American Historical Review 103 (1998): 737–769; Neil MacMaster, Colonial Migrants and Racism: Algerians in France, 1900

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Baya Hocine's Papers

A Source for the History of Algerian Prisons during the War of Independence (1954–1962)

Sylvie Thénault

she is an “atheist,” an “antiracist,” and a “Marxist.” Her atheism, which emerges after the typed copy had been corrected, is confirmed in her correspondence. 35 Above all, her anti-racism is a central element of both her journal and her notes, and

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Among Cannibals and Headhunters

Jack London in Melanesia

Keith Newlin

to its satire of racism,” for it is “deliberate in its racial transgressions” (2009: 146). In that story, Mauki, an exploited and viciously treated Solomon Islander, takes his revenge against a cruel overseer by torturing him before taking his head