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Still Just Hegemonic After All These Years?

“Worst Thing S/He Thinks About Me” Predicts Attitudinal Risk Factors for High School Healthy Relationships Program

Jessica J. Eckstein and Erika Sabovik

bodies where they do gender are the psychological and/or behavioral aspects that configure gender with others. Youths practice self-presentation both by learning their own bodies and expected roles via altercasting ( Weinstein and Deutschberger 1963

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The Gods of the Hunt

Stereotypes, Risk and National Identity in a Spanish Enclave in North Africa

Brian Campbell

-lords. In adopting Ceutan leadership, the visitor is discursively infantilised as the holder of orientalist fantasies. Unable to see or navigate danger, visitors’ self-presentation and communication with the world must be strictly supervised. Moroccan

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Imagined individuality

Cultivating separated personhood in Cuba and beyond

Ståle Wig

accept these assertions of personal autonomy as descriptions of how businesses actually operate in Cuba. Their self-presentation rhymed with the widespread suspicion among intellectuals that market relations corrode social bonds and detach actors from the

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“Give Me Back My Son!”

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Emotion Talk, and the Gendering of Political Rhetoric

Linda E. Mitchell

returns at the end to her default self-presentation as a prostrate and grieving mother, she precedes this with a final nail in the coffin of her support for the pope. Although not a prophetess or the daughter of a prophet, she has been given knowledge of

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Representations of Women in the French Imaginary

Historicizing the Gallic Singularity

Jean Elisabeth Pedersen

the first of the four parts of her article to an examination of Barine's self-presentation as a writer who was also a housewife rather than a feminist, a New Woman, or a woman of letters. In the second part of the article, Walton explores the

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Cutting the Face

Kinship, State and Social Media Conflict in Networked Jordan

Geoffrey Hughes

made clear through both his explicit answers to my questions and his tacit self-presentation how dependent he remained upon the interactive space of the d̅iw̅an . I first met Sheikh Abdullah, appropriately enough, through Facebook. A tribal judge, he

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Objects of Dispute

Planning, Discourse, and State Power in Post-War France

Edward Welch

comments. First, they illustrate how planning orthodoxies are established and then challenged, and how a discipline or practice evolves over time, as one generation is displaced by the next. Notable in this respect is the self-presentation of M. Roulet

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Larisa Deriglazova

constant reference point for national identity and for self-presentation within and outside of Russia, as well as a direction to be chosen or rejected as Russia strives for future development. In the early 1990s, Europe and the EU were often presented in

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Calm Vessels

Cultural Expectations of Pregnant Women in Qatar

Susie Kilshaw, Daniel Miller, Halima Al Tamimi, Faten El-Taher, Mona Mohsen, Nadia Omar, Stella Major, and Kristina Sole

clothing and cover their hair with a shayla . Some women, depending on family or tribal tradition or personal choice, will also wear a niqab to cover their faces. In Qatar, as in most of the Arab Gulf, there is a requirement of ‘modest self-presentation

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Elite ethnography in an insecure place

The methodological implications of “studying up” in Pakistan

Rosita Armytage

grew more familiar with the various groupings of elite in Pakistan, I altered my self-presentation to better conform to my informants’ perceptions of an attractive and cultured woman. This involved highlighting a very specific form of elite femininity