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Joyce Marie Mushaben, Shelley Baranowski, Trevor J. Allen, Sabine von Mering, Stephen Milder, Volker Prott, and Peter C. Pfeiffer

coincided with non-Orthodox western, northern, southern, and central Europe as well as the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel. 3 This region is, according to Winkler, characterized by the rule of law, the separation of

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Gracjan Cimek

. 2015 . Germany, Russia, and the Rise of Geo-Economics . London : Bloomsbury Academic . The White House. 2017 . National Strategy of the United States of America . Washington, DC : Government of the United States . https

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“We Owe a Historical Debt to No One”

The Reappropriation of Photographic Images from a Museum Collection

Helen Mears

-shirts. Valerie’s carries the image of a woman’s face surmounted by what appears to be a Native American–inspired feather headdress, and the one worn by Brang San carries the words “The United States of America/Washington DC” ( Figure 3 ). Ideas of indigeneity and

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Judith Bovensiepen

in the fact that they owned big satellite phones. Kammen (personal communication) was similarly told by a lecturer at Dili’s National University that the United States of America was interested in building a naval base under Atauro, a former prison

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Decoupling Seascapes

An Anthropology of Marine Stock Enhancement Science in Japan

Shingo Hamada

Vulnerability Analysis: Three Case Studies .” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 100 ( 14 ): 8080 – 8085 . . 10.1073/pnas.1231334100 van Dooren , Thom , S. Eben

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Overconsumption as Ideology

Implications for Addressing Global Climate Change

Diana Stuart, Ryan Gunderson, and Brian Petersen

National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112 ( 20 ): 6271 – 6276 . 10.1073/pnas.1220362110 Wolff , Richard . 2012 . Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism . Chicago : Haymarket Books . Worldwatch . 2018 . The State of

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Ezekiel S. Mkhwanazi

OAU represents a significant milestone in the efforts to realise pan-Africanism, it was not quite what Nkrumah envisaged. Nkrumah wanted a union government comprising all the African independent states, something similar to the United States of America

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Jay Mechling

complainants in the lawsuits against the BSA, asking them to open its program to younger girls, was that the BSA had a very good program and that the girls’ organizations (Girl Scouts of the United States of America, Campfire) were not as exciting as they boys

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Cyrus Shahan

. Brinkmann’s actual listening preferences aside, his fascination with and return to folk music, particularly the folk music of the United States of America, and his revulsion at the barbarity of his national culture, gesture to a disinterest in the Germanness

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From Ecuador to Elsewhere

The (Re)Configuration of a Transit Country

Soledad Álvarez Velasco

Ecuador has a complex history with respect to the movement of people across its borders. For at least the past five decades, irregularized Ecuadoreans have been emigrating abroad, mainly to the United States of America (henceforth US). 1 Likewise