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Brian Yothers, Gillian Dooley, Guy Galazka, Peter Weisensel, Jackie Coon, Magdalena Banaszkiewicz, and David Cashman

liminal space in that they are spaces for discovery and reflection—indeed the space that Morales occupies herself. She argues that the cult of celebrities has become a new form of “religion” together with ferociously devout followers, dismissive

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Maria Bucur

's not even in the same school with me.” She was one of the dorm celebrities since the Freshman Ball. Miss Freshman. Look at them, boy, these celebs know how to suffer too. But a few seconds later I went to her. I took her in my arms and kept her as

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Reading Production and Culture

UK Teen Girl Comics from 1955 to 1960

Joan Ormrod

. Celebrity star culture was developing rapidly in the late 1950s along with the growth of access to media technologies like television, radio, popular music, and film. The early British pop industry used religious discourses to ensure that the emerging stars

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Antoinette Burton

,” that is, where economic loss and a sense of racial disenfranchisement go hand in hand, 2 for it is precisely the combination of decolonization “out there” and economic precarity “at home” that afforded her this unlikely celebrity. Quartet offers a

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Contemporary Girls Studies

Reflections on the Inaugural International Girls Studies Association Conference

Victoria Cann, Sarah Godfrey, and Helen Warner

consumer capitalism. Applying her construction of what she calls Anaconda Feminism to the reading of Minaj’s star image, Halliday considers the complicated ways in which black women celebrities negotiate public life. Perhaps the most pressing contribution

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From Selfies to Sexting

Tween Girls, Intimacy, and Subjectivities

Antonio García-Gómez

or not tween girls are susceptible to being influenced by sexualized media representations, but also to uncover whether or not social media as well as celebrities’ hypersexualized performances have pushed girls into early sexual behaviour ( Jackson

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Beyond the Discourse of Sexualization

An Inquiry into the Adultification of Tween Girls’ Dressing in Singapore

Bernice Loh

highlighted by the APA Task Force. Similarly, Durham (2008) explains that while it is the celebrities like Paris Hilton and the Pussy Cat Dolls in Western pop culture who entice young girls to fashion themselves after sexy adults, it is ultimately the

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Sarah E. Whitney

encourages spectacle, celebrity, and the gloss of empowerment, reinforces a so-called princess dominance of white middle class femininity ( Forman-Brunell and Hains 2015 ; C. Griffin 2004 ; Harzewski 2011 ; Orenstein 2011 ). When Brianna dusts her blue and

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On Sinofuturism

Resisting Techno-Orientalism in Understanding Kuaishou, Douyin, and Chinese A.I.

Yunying Huang

comply with content regulations or accused of challenging the authority of the Communist Party, at one point more than one hundred thousand social media accounts were shut down, and multiple individuals including online celebrities and creatives were

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‘Refugees Are Welcome Here!’

How Public Opinion Got Ahead of Government in Summer 2015 and Stayed There

Maurice Wren

directness of social media; by the vocal role of a broad range of respected civil society voices, including senior judges, faith leaders and celebrities; by the rapid spread of local voluntary organizing groups (such as City of Sanctuary; Calaid, Help