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Peter McLaren and Ramin Farahmandpur

As we lean into the gusty winds of the approaching millennium, squaring our shoulders and lowering our heads against an icy unknown, we discover much to our surprise that the future has already arrived; that it has silently imploded into the singularity of the present. We are lost in a crevice in the ‘wrong side’ of history, in a furious calm at the end of a century-old breath, doing solitary confinement in the future anterior. Time has inhaled so hard that it has lodged us in its lungs, compressing us into shadowy, ovaloid spectres out of the horror classic, Nosferatu. Capitalism has authored this moment, synchronising the heartbeat of the globe with the auto-copulatory rhythms of the marketplace; deregulating history; downsizing eternity.

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The Shades of a Shadow

Crime as the Dark Projection of Authority in Early Modern England

Maurizio Ascari

The Latin motto ‘Nullum crimen sine lege’ calls attention to the cultural dimension of crime, which is closely related to the social order in terms of power, economy, gender, class, and race. Reviving Marxist terminology, crime might be defined as a

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Echo and Narcissus, or, Man O Man!

A Very Tragical Comedy in One Act, possibly Two.

Mary Baine Campbell

experience. I have had this experience myself at the Museum of Science where I went on a field trip with my third grade class. It wasn’t a historical exhibit about the sixties, it was about cognition. Cognition is something that can go seriously haywire under

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Edited by Bryan Loughrey and Graham Holderness

class and disadvantaged students who might otherwise be denied any chance of social mobility. Though the Black Papers were highly controversial at the time, Brian was subsequently invited by the government to chair the ‘Cox Report (1989): English for

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Angel in the House, Devil in the City

Explorations of Gender in Dracula and Penny Dreadful

Lauren Rocha

Lucy as such, saying ‘Stoker uses Lucy Westenra’s transformation as the “bloofer lady” who preys on working-class children, in order to demonise a particular form of inverted motherhood, one in which she suckles children’. 6 Smith’s notion of the

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Creative Critical Shakespeares

Rob Conkie and Scott Maisano

planned very interesting creative critical pieces but were thwarted by the creative practice – through failure to obtain performance rights or through the non-running of a creative writing graduate class – that they were depending upon not, at last

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Exit, pursued by a fan

Shakespeare, Fandom, and the Lure of the Alternate Universe

Kavita Mudan Finn and Jessica McCall

, while rife with debates over race, class, and gender, could not discuss, debate, or consider the power of social constructs, the strangling destruction of societal norms, or the need for revolutionary discourse from a modern perspective. Society and

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Pippa Marland and Anna Stenning

by an awareness of the historical deployment of ‘nature’ as a construct to reinforce dominant ideologies around gender, class and race, as well as by the suggestion that the term ‘nature’ perpetuates an unhelpful conceptual divide between the natural

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Emanuel Stelzer

. However, there are different plays where, all the same, it is possible to see how suicide was ‘gender- and class inflected’. 22 An example of a particular type of suicide generally connoted as feminine is the ‘broken heart’. Famously, John Ford used it in

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At the Root of Learned Travel

New Science, the ‘Other’ and Imperialism in the Early Philosophical Transactions

Manuela D’Amore

the advancement of sea and ocean studies could be found in the article written by first-class scientist Robert Boyle, and published in Philosophical Transactions in 1666. ‘Other Inquiries Concerning the Sea’ was centred on the necessity of acquiring