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Andrew Sanchez

employment in the scrap plastic industry had not paid well, he enjoyed the work because the trade was complex and took many years to master. Sitting amid mounds of scrap metal, he took the time to illustrate this for me by selecting several pieces of plastic

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“We Owe a Historical Debt to No One”

The Reappropriation of Photographic Images from a Museum Collection

Helen Mears

seek safety—as well as educational and employment opportunities—overseas ( Mahkaw 2016 ; H. Sadan 2016 ). The video, as an example of what Louisa Schein in her writings on relations between the Hmong diaspora in the United States and their Miao

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Ugly Feelings of Greed

The Misuse of Friendship in Working-Class Amman

Susan MacDougall

conducted fieldwork in Tal al-Zahra, this was the case in Jordan generally, in Amman particularly, and in the neighbourhood in locally specific ways. 3 As Jordan's unemployment level has risen and wages for employment have dropped, the appeal of middle

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What Is Money?

A Definition Beyond Materiality and Quantity

Emanuel Seitz

that connect through exchange, not for this or that specific purpose. Money as a means has an area of natural employment, but not a natural end. In the case of a knife, its area of employment is cutting, but its end can serve as well for murder as for

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The sanctioning state

Official permissiveness and prohibition in India

Ajay Gandhi

authorization were crystallizations of collective sentiment, seen in everything from the employment of magical medicines to channeling of social conflict. In this article, I build on these insights concerning how societies employ sanctions to signal, naturalize

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Underground waterlines

Explaining political quiescence of Ukrainian labor unions

Denys Gorbach

did his utmost to raise wages. Yegor uses similar Machiavellian tactics. These tactics work well in “Polanyian” industrial culture. According to a recent survey, guarantee of employment is by far the most important value for the Ukrainian working

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Evert Van de Vliert

approximated by the national percentages of sectoral employment ( UN Development Programme, 2004 for OECD countries, 2007 for non-OECD countries). Employment in the agrarian sector refers to activities in agriculture, fishing, and hunting. Employment in the

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Nefissa Naguib, Pauline Peters, Nancy Ries, Murray Garde, Zhiying Ma, and Frédéric Keck

’ community in peri-urban Beijing during 2002–2013, the book examines how counseling, social work, and employment assistant programs—services sponsored by the local government under state directives—use psychotherapeutic knowledge to shape unemployed workers

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Recovered enterprises from the South to the North

Reclaiming labor, conflict, and mutualism in Italy

Giovanni Orlando

long-standing connections to it. Paolo and Giacomo, for example, are from Southern Italy and had moved to Milan in their late teens to seek employment. For both men, Maflow represented the first, and thus far the only, “true job” they have held

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Linda Gruen

have been granted to North American women. These freedoms included access to employment, to unchaperoned movement, and to education, all of which made women more noticeably visible in the public sphere. 3 Many travelers commented on US women's beauty