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The Silent Spring

Why Pro-democracy Activity Was Avoided in Gulf Nations during the Arab Spring

Charles Mitchell, Juliet Dinkha, and Aya Abdulhamid

Indian and Pakistani expatriate populations and the local contention that South Asian workers were depriving Omanis of high-paying positions and hoarding much of the country’s business profits while locals were facing problems of inflation and rising oil

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Dudziro Nhengu

people living with HIV ( UNAIDS, 2014 ); where five countries maintain a blanket ban on entry by people living with HIV, five require proof of an HIV-negative status for those seeking to stay 10–90 days, and at least 18 countries sanction the expatriation

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Laurie Kain Hart

, Vlachs were stigmatized, vulnerable, 3 and recruitable border guards. The Slavophone population that had resisted expatriation to Bulgaria in the 1910s and 1920s was thus still “matter out of place” ( Douglas 2005: 44 ) more than a half-century later

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Black October

Comics, Memory, and Cultural Representations of 17 October 1961

Claire Gorrara

immediate aftermath, alternative narratives were being produced. Jacques Panjel’s documentary film Octobre à Paris (1962) was released in Paris cinemas but screened for only a few weeks before being seized by the police. In 1963 American expatriate writer

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Two Worlds of Environmentalism?

Empirical Analyses on the Complex Relationship between Postmaterialism, National Wealth, and Environmental Concern

Jochen Mayerl and Henning Best

of the United States and a population of less than 300,000 citizens and about 1.5 million expatriates. The dependent construct of our study is environmental concern. In the literature, there is no consensus on a conceptualization of individual

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When Transit States Pursue Their Own Agenda

Malaysian and Indonesian Responses to Australia's Migration and Border Policies

Antje Missbach and Gerhard Hoffstaedter

, Hong Kong, and the Middle East ( IFRC 2015 ). Indonesia grants work rights to expatriates with specialist skills but remains unwilling to grant residency rights to asylum seekers and refugees currently within its territory, fearing that they would

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Speaking Back, Striking Back

Calls for Local Agency and Good Fieldwork in Development Encounters

Eugenie Reidy

workers are seen in comparison with the way they see themselves’ ( Harrigan and Changath Chol 1998: 26 ). Today’s development workers (NGO employees, consultants, expatriate aid staff, volunteers and globally networked aid professionals) have occasionally

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Wenn eine Band lange Zeit lebt

Puhdys, Politics, and Popularity

John Littlejohn

deprivation of singer-songwriter Wolf Biermann’s citizenship in 1976 far surpassed it in terms of cultural significance. In the aftermath of Biermann’s expatriation, cultural lines were drawn as artists from many fields took a stance for or against the

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In the Eyes of Some Britons

Aleppo, an Enlightenment City

Mohammad Sakhnini

ladies and gentlemen assemble for the evening, by invitation or otherwise; when a well supplied table, and social conviviality, detain the guests till nearly midnight, when each returns home. (539) For Griffiths, English expatriates were not only working

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George Johnston’s Tibetan Interlude

Myth and Reality in Shangri-La

Paul Genoni and Tanya Dalziell

Gomba, Johnston and Burke acquire a guide, Feng Liu-lu. Feng is an expatriate Chinese and an important part of the journey because he is able to speak Tibetan. Many conversations reported in Journey Through Tomorrow use a convention whereby Johnston is