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Anthony Egan

himself, having become men who were free to face even death without fear’ ( van Buren 1968: 133 ). The resurrection event itself is for van Buren unknowable owing to insufficient evidence, but its truth lies in the transformation of the disciples. For

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Creating the People as ‘One’?

On Democracy and Its Other

Marta Nunes da Costa

industry, an-Other who has different customs, different references (religious or secular), an-Other who, because of its difference (of not being ‘equal’ but different), re-ignites the original fear generated by one’s existential condition. The refugees

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Neither Shadow nor Spectre

Populism as the Ideological Embodiment of the Democratic Paradox

Anthony Lawrence Borja

body, who acquiesced to Perón's policies out of loyalty and/or out of fear of crackdowns. On the other hand, variations in the radicalism of the Peronist Youth and the Revolutionary Peronists directed these two bodies further away from each other

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Bertjan Wolthuis

addressed the contentious divisions of his day between religious sects, and between the Crown, aristocracy and middle-classes, the basis of his appeal was self-interest: men’s fear of death and their desire for the means of a commodious life. On this basis

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Interpretation and Rationality

Developing Donald Davidson's Ideas in International Political Theory

Nikolay Gudalov

disrespects pluralism, imposing the interpreter's rationality on the interpreted ( Habermas 2008 ), and enforcing cultural uniformity ( Lukes 2000 ). Dreyfus and Taylor (2015) fear Davidson's ‘ethnocentrism’ and treating others as mere ‘objects’ of

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The Ambiguity of Subversion

Resistance through Radio Broadcasting

Gisli Vogler

conception of resistance presupposes sovereign agency: resisters are portrayed as acting voluntarily, decisively and autonomously, without fear but at a potentially high personal cost ( Mihai 2020 ). Heroism is often reduced to an individual, one-off act

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Marcelo Hoffman

-war period. Fanon criticised the PCF for failing to offer unconditional support to the struggle for national liberation in Algeria. He claimed that this failure had its roots in fears among its members of American imperialism overtaking Algeria after

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Deliberation and Courts

The Role of the Judiciary in a Deliberative System

Donald Bello Hutt

). It then becomes important to develop those criteria so that the evaluation of deliberative quality does not occur only at the systemic level, thus avoiding Mansbridge et al.’s fear of ‘falling into the blind spot of old style functionalism’ from

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Book Roundtable

Discussion text: Chin, C. 2018. The Practice of Political Theory: Rorty and Continental Thought.

Lasse Thomassen, Joe Hoover, David Owen, Paul Patton, and Clayton Chin

what I fear Chin misses by taking Rorty too seriously: Rorty does not give us political tools to move beyond liberal and bureaucratic political systems rooted in territorial nation-states and dependent upon coercive social hierarchies; rather, he gives

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Takamichi Sakurai

, fascism looks slightly different. It means a one-dimensional political form taking on authoritarian character features that emerges from socio-psychological conditions under which the masses with a strong sense of fear and isolation, whose raison d