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Alfred Betschart

beyond which we cannot go—while labeling existentialism an “ideology.” However, Sartre himself referred to Marxist theory only rarely in his works after the Critique of Dialectical Reason (1960). The Critique itself consists mainly of points that

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Contemporary “Structures” of Racism

A Sartrean Contribution to Resisting Racial Injustice

Justin I. Fugo

. As such, racism is an ideology, a system of beliefs, norms, and values that establishes, and/or reinforces structures and methods of oppression and domination that become ossified in the practico-inert, often reproducing racial hierarchy without

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Demos and Nation

Misplacing the Dilemmas of the European Union--In Memory of Stanley Hoffmann

Charles S. Maier

faced each other along lines of trenches within states, sometimes as immobilized as troops on the Western Front from 1915 to 1918, sometimes seizing ideological territory or class victories. Nations and demoi feel their identity when they confront

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distinctive features of a concert venue (L’International), where bands try to start their career. We then attempt to understand the aesthetic, social, expressive, strategic, and ideological functions of language in the music of the bands in question. Keywords

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Christopher E. Forth

“palingenesis” 3 and what Emilio Gentile describes as an “anthropological revolution.” 4 Whereas these historians are mainly concerned with probing the relationship between modernity and fascist ideologies, the concepts they employ resonate with other

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Sartre, Lacan, and the Ethics of Psychoanalysis

A Defense of Lacanian Responsibility

Blake Scott

in much of Žižek’s work where he tries to describe in these terms how ideology operates as a kind of fundamental fantasy delivered through mass culture, which functions to absolve individuals from their ethico-political responsibility. So, when Lacan

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Richard Ivan Jobs, Judith Surkis, Laura Lee Downs, Nimisha Barton, and Kimberly A. Arkin

moments and by cartoonists of differing ideological perspectives. This is particularly well done in chapter three, which examines both BD produced during the war in Indochina and those afterward that have critiqued imperialism and the conflict. In terms of

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Counter-Violence and Islamic Terrorism

Is Liberation without Freedom Possible?

Maria Russo

, the ideology of jihad must not constitute an additional form of oppression. I argue that while Sartre could accept certain forms of counter-violence, such as the Resistance, or certain measures undertaken in the name of class struggle, he would never

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From In-Itself to Practico-Inert

Freedom, Subjectivity and Progress

Kimberly S. Engels

engendering and sustaining such a subject […]. What he contests, by contrast, is simply ideology (and its practical consequences) – in so far as ideology, whatever its origin, is a mendacious and imperspicuous substitute for a class praxis which he is

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The Rhizomatic Algerian Revolution in Three Twenty-First- Century Transnational Documentaries

Algérie tours, détours (2006), La Chine est encore loin (2009), Fidaï (2012)

Nicole Beth Wallenbrock

Algerians about their own cinema and history reiterates paternalistic aspects of France’s imperial conquest, the mission civilisatrice . The word mission describes the historically grounded nationalist ideology’s similarity to a religious conquest; a view