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Imagining Utopia in an Unfree World

Rick Turner on Morality, Inequality and Existentialism

Mary Ryan

to replace the capitalist human model under apartheid in South Africa. Turner’s work offers theoretical proof of Berlant’s assertion, which follows half a century later: ‘competing precarities can morph in an instant to sound like grounds for

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Anthony Egan

participatory democracy is socialism. Drawing this vision out further, Turner rejects existing models of alienating education – all of which he argues replicate class hierarchies and/or, particularly in South Africa’s case, white supremacy – in favour of models

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Tal Correm

models of resistance by revealing the difficult dilemmas resisters face in taking up arms ( Leebaw 2019 ; Mrovlje 2017 ). Armed resistance bears the risks of uncertain results that put the ones who engage in the fight and their communities in danger

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Vittorio Bufacchi

abstract notion of impartiality in these theories. Alison Jaggar (2000) points out that relying so much on highly idealised models of impartiality is not only empirically inaccurate but also mystifying and perhaps ultimately authoritarian. Another way of

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Gustavo H. Dalaqua

laws (which in her model remains the sole prerogative of elected representatives). Urbinati justifies her cut-and-dried distinction between judgement and decision with the thesis that reconciling democracy and representation requires dismissing the idea

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Class versus Nation

A History of Richard Turner’s Eclipse and Resurgence

Ian Macqueen

under apartheid. In contrast, Turner advocated the need for non-materialist living. Turner and the New Left also distanced themselves from the Old Left, which had embraced ‘the capitalist human model of fulfilment through the possession and consumption

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Book Reviews

Hegelianisms without Metaphysics?

David James, Bahareh Ebne Alian, and Jean Terrier

criticised, and (2) the private level of the pursuit of the good life, which cannot. Instead, she advocates a model with three levels: (1) the general form of life of a collectivity, manifested in its culture and its political structure; (2) smaller organised

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Revisiting the Menkiti-Gyekye Debate

Who Is a Radical Communitarian?

Motsamai Molefe

one that chiefly characterises an African moral thought. Secondly, I demonstrate that Menkiti actually does not necessarily deny nor reject rights per se; instead, he is proposing an alternative political model that prioritises duties/obligations for

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Deliberation and Courts

The Role of the Judiciary in a Deliberative System

Donald Bello Hutt

the theory at any level. As it happens, we can find systemic perspectives, for example, in the work of Habermas (1996) , particularly in his idea of a two-track model of democracy, as well as in Cohen’s (1997) . Yet, the perspective has gained

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Teppo Eskelinen

understand the conditions attached. The loans were originated by loan brokers, who faced no risks. The banks had changed their business model from traditional risk management to mere loan origination: they created new securities from ‘pools’ of outstanding