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Dmitry Shlapentokh

indestructible when he followed what is regarded as a healthy Western model. First, he consulted the troops or at least did not separate himself from the troops completely. In this context, he was, in a way, democratic. He was also quite restrained in regard to

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Cecilia Schultz

. Starting with a short overview of Sen's life, Hamilton (pp. 1–23) notes that the experience of growing up in India, particularly witnessing first-hand the horrors of the Bengal famine, motivated Sen's concern with economistic development models. These

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The Economics of Decolonisation

Institutions, Education and Elite Formation

Nicola Viegi

growth experience, via the institutions that the settlers had introduced. Where the settler mortality was high, the coloniser would implement an extractive economic model which left behind after decolonisation institutions that are badly suited for modern

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’Tis but a Habit in an Unconsolidated Democracy

Habitual Voting, Political Alienation and Spectatorship

Anthony Lawrence A. Borja

) and Geys (2006) group-based models are founded upon the concept of social pressure or, to be specific, the producers and recipients of pressure that can emerge from a basket of incentives ranging from the material to the normative. I note, however

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A Negative Theory of Justice

Towards a Critical Theory of Power Relations

Leonard Mazzone

according to which a certain emancipation strategy is justified are legally imposed, so there is no need to discover, invent, or interpret other ones. The most paradigmatic example of such a model is the Hobbesian theory of the Leviathan: as counter

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Alex Lichtenstein

duties. Building outward from this nucleus, workers could develop cooperative values applicable to all areas of their lives. To the degree that he saw extant working models of this Utopian vision, Turner looked to Tanzania’s Ujamaa village schemes, the

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From Act to Fact

The Transformation of Suicide in Western Thought

Daniel Gordon

-Preux and Werther achieved unprecedented literary popularity and provided readers with modern models for the act of suicide. “I shed my own blood for the Republic,” Gilbert Romme declared as he stabbed himself after his trial by the Girondins in 1795. 4 Six

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Pascah Mungwini

particularly on matters affecting the marginalised peoples in the Global South. At the foundation of my argument for the development and promotion of alternative analytic frameworks is the view that there is nothing inherently superior about any epistemic model

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Carl Strikwerda

. Trying to resurrect the prewar economy in the 1920s only caused more upheaval. Dictatorship, autarchy, and import substitution regimes arose in the wake of the war as alternatives to economic integration and liberal, capitalist models. A new, more

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Marta Nunes da Costa

often only become present as a result of representation’ (p. 144). Taking this seriously means that we are forced to question the validity of both ‘aggregative’ and ‘deliberative’ models of democracy tout court. What would the solution be then? According