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Around Abby Day’s Believing in Belonging

Belief and Social Identity in the Modern World

Christopher R. Cotter, Grace Davie, James A. Beckford, Saliha Chattoo, Mia Lövheim, Manuel A. Vásquez, and Abby Day

understanding of various religions as evolving, agentic, heterogeneous networks that may involve not just human actors of various sorts, from priests and missionaries to pilgrims, but also texts, relics, icons, money, embodied habituses, architectural styles

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Eschatology, Ethics, and Ēthnos

Ressentiment and Christian Nationalism in the Anthropology of Christianity

Jon Bialecki

Historical Introduction . Louisville, KY : Westminster John Knox Press . Friedland , John . 2002 . “ Money, Sex, and God: The Erotic Logic of Religious Nationalism .” Sociological Theory 20 ( 3 ): 381 – 425 . 10.1111/0735-2751.00169 Geertz

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Ann Grodzins Gold

Ann Grodzins Gold, Bhrigupati Singh, Farhana Ibrahim, Edward Simpson, and Kirin Narayan

does as she pleases, making up the rules as she goes along. She also makes money, receiving a share of the Dev Narayan shrine’s not inconsiderable profits. And she also thoroughly enjoys herself.” Bhoju’s continued updates on events in Shobhag Kanvar

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J. D. Y. Peel

Marloes Janson, Wale Adebanwi, David Pratten, Ruth Marshall, Stephan Palmié, Amanda Villepastour, and J. D. Y. Peel

Edited by Richard Fardon and Ramon Sarró

as art and entertainment. His rejection of Gẹlẹdẹ harbours a contradiction. On the one hand, he thinks it a waste and a distraction. It is a great pity to see the interest and zeal manifested by each individual and the considerable amount of money

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The Good, the Bad, and the Awkward

The Making of War Veterans in Postindependence Mozambique

Nikkie Wiegink

has to present himself [or herself] to the [district] administration and will receive money for the coffin and for another six months of pensions after the death. The children of antigos combatentes have the right to a scholarship until they are 18

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Invisible Veterans

Defeated Militants and Enduring Revolutionary Social Values in Dhufar, Oman

Alice Wilson

Front veterans—those who switched allegiance to support Qaboos. Members less inclined toward the socialist project left the movement, drawn by the new Sultan's promise to bring progress. The government also offered money to militants who left the Front

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Unbecoming Veteranship

Convicted Military Officers in Post-authoritarian Argentina

Eva van Roekel and Valentina Salvi

's Revolutionary Army) staged hundreds of attacks, ranging from small guerrilla units to large guerrilla forces of 60 combatants to obtain ammunition, to kidnap and execute elite members for ransom money, and to produce demoralization among the armed forces