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Books Are Boring! Books Are Fun!

Boys’ Polarized Perspectives on Reading

Laura Scholes

are at risk of failure, how schooling influences performances of masculinities, and the interplay of masculinities with everyday reading practices. As I have argued elsewhere ( Scholes 2013a , 2013b , forthcoming ), the underperformance of some boys

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A New Kind of Monster, Cowboy, and Crusader?

Gender Hegemony and Flows of Masculinities in Pixar Animated Films

Elizabeth Al-Jbouri and Shauna Pomerantz

performance within a given culture or group, but this valorization will change across temporalities and geographies. Such fluidity and plurality highlight hegemonic masculinities as socially condoned practices, rather than a unitary, static set of expectations

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Gamed by the System

Exploring Black Male Youths’ Motivation to Participate in Sports

Deborwah Faulk, Robert A. Bennett III, and James L. Moore III

ideologies which bolster traditional displays of gender performance. Although gender norms are changing ( Anderson 2014 ), given the history of race, gender, and ability in the United States it is important to study the intersection of identity and the

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Chloe Krystyna Garcia and Ayesha Vemuri

how girls and young women use YouTube as a mode of self-expression and gender performance, only a paucity of literature analyzes this platform to understand how young women communicate about rape culture. Douglas Kellner and Gooyong Kim observe, “There

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Stephanie Russo

marginalized femininity that speaks to the experience of teenage girls struggling to find their place in a world that seems to both reward and punish them for their femininity. Taking on Natalie Dormer's performance of Boleyn in The Tudors as the definitive

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Minority Report

Perceptions and Realities of Black Men in Heterosexual Porn

Darryl L. Jones II

earn between $500 and $600 per scene, and that “there's no pay differential depending on the sex act. Generally male performances receive a fixed amount per scene or day.” Men who have garnered a positive reputation may be able to earn between $800 and

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The Doll “InbeTween”

Online Doll Videos and the Intertextuality of Tween Girl Culture

Jessica E. Johnston

also been known to collect and play with these dolls. While the practice of playing with dolls past childhood is not new, recording and uploading these play performances to YouTube raise new considerations for scholars of girls’ media studies in

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Attitude or Age

Girlhood in Renaissance England

Reina Green

and, therefore, with social class. In the last section of this chapter, Higginbotham discusses female children as consumers of and participants in English drama, citing the royal performance of Robert White’s Cupid’s Banishment (1617) by the students

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Amrita De

conflated with discourses surrounding toxic masculinity, in my usage, I am pointing to behavioral performances where aspects of hegemonic masculinity, especially rooted in ideas of dominance are played up to arrive at specific political goals. For a

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My Words, My Literacy

Tracking of and Teaching through the On-Field Language Practices of Australian Indigenous Boys

David Caldwell, Nayia Cominos, and Katie Gloede

related to the educational performance and literacy practices of boys. In their seminal Australian study, Nola Alloway and Pam Gilbert (1997) demonstrated that boys consistently underachieved in formal, standardized literacy tasks compared with girls of