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Releasing a Tradition

Diasporic Epistemology and the Decolonized Curriculum

Jovan Scott Lewis

philosophy of Western Europe. I didn’t have to be a member of an underdeveloped country, though I know a lot of people who are, and yet don’t know anything about those countries. I didn’t have to be an exploited African. It is in the history and

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Nell Gabiam

focusses on the philosophy and practices that guide Al-Nur's functioning as a community centre, especially the importance of being able to (re)create home in exile. Building on the conclusions drawn from my fieldwork at Al-Nur, the third part argues that

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Appropriate Targets

Global Patterns in Interaction and Conflict Surrounding Cetacean Conservation and Traditional Marine Hunting Communities

Florence Durney

scholarship on traditional and indigenous cetacean hunting groups across the globe with topical contributions from anthropology, philosophy, biology, policy, and law. First, I examine the influence of charismatic species and how their place in Western

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Rane Willerslev

causal workings of the world by invoking images of spirits, souls, and the like. This take on animism as being parallel to philosophy is radically different from how it has mostly been depicted during the past two decades. The dominant view has linked

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Freeing the ‘Aboriginal Individual’

Deconstructing ‘Development as Freedom’ in Remote Indigenous Australia

Hannah Bulloch and William Fogarty

centrism’ ( Pearson 2009 ). Underpinning this is an intellectual heritage drawing explicitly on classical liberal philosophy concerning individual choice, liberty, and freedom, actualized through the market. For the past several years, Pearson has enjoyed a

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The Ontological Turn

Taking Different Worlds Seriously

Andrew Pickering

territory of non-scientific worlds. The theme of different worlds crashed into history and philosophy of science with the publication of Thomas Kuhn’s (1962) The Structure of Scientific Revolutions . Kuhn’s claim was that scientists working in different

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Matthew Binney

philosophy by Robert Boyle, who also contributed to the Royal Society’s directions. 3 In the first publication of the Royal Society’s Philosophical Transactions (1665–1666), Robert Boyle and Lawrence Rooke outline how travelers and explorers should

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Receiving the Gift of Cognitive Disability

Recognizing Agency in the Limits of the Rational Subject

Patrick McKearney

, James Laidlaw, Naomi Haynes, Joel Robbins and James Faubion for conversations that helped me arrive at many of the central arguments of this article. Notes 1 In Love’s Labor , Kittay argues that John Rawls’ political philosophy also treats

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The Limits of Knowing Other Minds

Intellectual Disability and the Challenge of Opacity

Patrick McKearney

in Northern Thailand: Merit, Morality, and the Everyday of Long-Term Care .” American Ethnologist 43 ( 1 ): 91 – 102 . 10.1111/amet.12265 Backström , Joel . 2013 . “ Wittgenstein, Follower of Freud .” In Ethics and the Philosophy of Culture

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Jaime Moreno Tejada

a natural philosophy of the mundane . By philosophy I mean “method”: a search for concreteness, and the procedures involved, that cut across disciplinary boundaries. Hegel’s dialectical method was a failed attempt at grounding theory. But the German