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SimonMary Aihiokhai, Lorina Buhr, David Moore, and William Jethro Mpofu

the property of the human family of the world and not a monopoly of one race and a preserve of one geographic location. The book is rendered in lucid prose that is transparent and simple without being simplistic. William Jethro Mpofu University of

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Coulthard, Glen Sean. Red Skin, White Masks

Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition

Elaine Coburn

Resistance and Resurgence . Halifax : Fernwood Press, e-book . Alfred , T. 2009 . ‘ Colonialism and State Dependency ’, Journal of Aboriginal Health , November : 42 – 60 . Andersen , C. 2014 . Métis: Race, Recognition, and the Struggle for

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Ian Moll

spatial inequalities in and between cities … disparities have grown, suburbs have been re-sorted into a wide array on the basis of class and race’ ( Nijman and Wei 2020: 2 ). Widespread disillusionment with this growing inequality threatens the basic

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Takamichi Sakurai

two pathologies (1964: 83; cf. 1973: 300–301). It follows that malignant narcissism transfers its own need to ‘nation’, ‘race’, ‘religion’ and so forth, thereby begetting political fanaticism ( Fromm 1964: 73 ). Fromm argues: If … [a

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Daryl Glaser

actual assembly allowed all to attend, regardless of race and other considerations. Here the problem was the normal fallist one: the elevation to the platform of some rather than others and the predominance of unelected leadership. There was no pretence

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Bernard Matolino

). Although Ani appears to be making a case against discrimination of a certain people on the grounds of their race and although he condemns what he considers to be essentialising Africans, his choice of insistence on the word ‘immanence’ is questionable. He

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Virile Resistance and Servile Collaboration

Interrupting the Gendered Representation of Betrayal in Resistance Movements

Maša Mrovlje

article. Second, my analysis focuses on contesting the gendered nature of discourses of resistance and collaboration, while acknowledging that oppressive myths are intersectional, targeting several axes of identity, including race, class, ethnicity and age

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Invoking a World of Ideas

Theory and Interpretation in the Justification of Colonialism

David Boucher

. The Racial Contract . New York : Cornell University Press . Mills , C. W. 2003 . From Class to Race: Essays in White Marxism and Black Radicalism . Lanham : Rowman and Littlefield . Muldoon , J. 1979 . Popes, Lawyers, and Infidels: The

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Ajume H. Wingo

Africa. But reducing the colonialism of Africa to a mere racial problem is to mistake the picture for the frame. The ‘picture’ is the perennial political problem of freedom. While that problem arose within the ‘frame’ of colonialism and race, the problem

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Fadi Amer

Ecclesiasticall and Civil . New York : Touchstone . Joseph , T. D. 2019 . ‘ Race, Phenotype, and Nationality in Brazil and the United States ’, in N. Boero and K. Mason (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Body and Embodiment . Oxford