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Ken Stein, Yael Berda, Galia Golan, Pnina Peri, Yuval Benziman, Dalia Gavriely-Nuri, Muzna Awayed-Bishara, and Aziza Khazzoom

questions regarding the political aspects of Israel’s militarized visual culture and “the ways in which identities, memories, objects and spaces are imagined and represented in military terms” (2). Roei also sets out to interrelate the arenas of politics and

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The End Point of Zionism

Ethnocentrism and the Temple Mount

Tomer Persico

now rising to the surface again. Yet it is also, crucially, a reaction by a collectivist religion that harbors extreme ambitions for the public space and that rises in contradistinction to a secularized, privatized political body that is structurally

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Wang Zhen, Alfred Tovias, Peter Bergamin, Menachem Klein, Tally Kritzman-Amir, and Pnina Peri

the world outside of school, in both Jewish and global spaces, in the hope of raising children who would become leaders of their communities. These women were adamant about developing their children's personalities and investing in higher education. In

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Udi Sommer

, domestic players take up considerably less space, with the military dropping from second to a far distant third place in the rank order, and the government of Israel declining precipitously from 2.32 mentions per 1,000 words in third place in Beit Sourik

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Naomi Chazan, Morad Elsana, Ian S. Lustick, Sam Lehman-Wilzig, Gideon Rahat, Eliezer Ben-Rafael, Daphne Inbar, and Oren Barak

policy space by adding and removing policy players and temporarily redefining policy functions and jurisdictions to get the desired policy approved and implemented” (10). Confusing? That’s precisely the idea of such a strategy—to disable those who wish to

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Hillel Cohen

counter the Jewish claims, he explained, he had to present counterclaims based in Islam ( Porath 1977 ). I do not have the space to discuss all the ways Jerusalem plays a role in Palestinian nationalism, nor to mention all cases in which Jerusalem’s holy

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Dan Rabinowitz, Russell Stone, Guy Ben-Porat, Paul Scham, Wilhelm Kempf, Lior Libman, and Asaf Sharabi

Holocaust remembrance, look at how Holocaust Remembrance Day is commemorated on leading Israeli websites. Due to limited space, it is not feasible to summarize the results of these studies. Instead we may settle for highlighting some of the topics at the

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Along the Lines of the Occupation

Playing at Diminished Reality in East Jerusalem

Fabio Cristiano and Emilio Distretti

spaces, politics, and narratives are assembled and reproduced in rarified ways, often in contrast to the complexities on the ground. Particularly in the context of disputed areas, overlaying a virtual world over a disputed space remains a problematic

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Recapturing the Lost

Digitalized Memories of the Rhodesian Bush War

Ane Marie Ørbø Kirkegaard

, and forums, many of which are highly militarized. Doing Research on the Internet: Considering Ethics, Design, Data, and Method in Virtual Spaces Internet research poses a number of relatively new ethical and methodological issues to be tackled

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The Digital Age Opens Up New Terrains for Peace and Conflict Research

Josepha Ivanka Wessels

invented, it was possible to transfer and store large amounts of information, converted into computer digits, in a very small physical space. With the advent of the Internet, it was possible to transfer this digitized information over long distances. Today